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Is Biking A Hobby

Is Biking A Hobby

Cycling as a hobby can lead to increased cardiovascular fitness and many other incredible benefits. Although some people view bicycling as a sport, that implies competition, teams, and other aspects of riding that are mostly only implemented by professionals.

For most people, cycling as a sport isn’t the goal of riding. Is biking a hobby?

Biking is a hobby that promotes good mental health and physical health, and it can help improve physical fitness. This cost-effective, sporty hobby is a versatile option that can work as a solo activity or in a group known as a peloton. Moreover, it’s also an excellent option for families who wish to spend more time outdoors together.

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Is Biking A Sport Or Hobby

Biking can be a sport, profession, or hobby. Pros, by definition, get paid. Hobbyists mostly do something for pure enjoyment, even if they are intense and focussed, setting goals and otherwise being serious about their hobby.

The Garfield Messenger offered a simple and accurate explanation for what qualifies as a sport. “A sport is an activity involving physical exertion, skill, and competition. Based on this definition, any activity that meets all three requirements are considered sports.”

How Do I Know If My Bike Is A Hobby

Figuring out whether your bike is a hobby is very simple. All you need to do is ask two questions. First, are you being paid to build, maintain or use your bike? If the answer here is yes, then you are a professional.

Secondly, does the way you use your bike qualify as a sport? Remember that sports need more than just physical exertion. You also need to have skill and competition for it to be part of a sport.

Additionally, sports can be hobbies when they are done in any capacity that is not professional.

Can Cycling Be A Hobby

Anyone can take up cycling as a hobby. Although the term cycling applies to anyone who rides a bicycle, some people see cycling as a narrow term that only applies to road bike enthusiasts who wear bibs and jerseys and get very serious about their sporty hobby.

The good news is that either way, it’s still a hobby until and unless you get paid for it, and then it’s a profession.

The hobby includes people who train for charity marathons because any money you might make goes to the charity. In that case, you have a specialized philanthropic hobby.

Is Mountain Biking A Hobby

Mountain biking is a hobby. When people see anything that provides adrenaline and exercise as ‘not’ a hobby, it causes undue confusion.

The definition of a hobby is anything you do regularly outside of your profession for enjoyment or relaxation.

That last word leads to the assumption that a hobby that isn’t traditionally relaxing, like mountain biking, ‘doesn’t count.’

Fortunately, that isn’t the case. You don’t need to collect stamps or grow a garden to have a hobby.

Cycling, bungee jumping, and riding roller coasters are all hobbies, too, if you do them regularly for enjoyment.

Is Biking An Expensive Hobby

Biking is a relatively inexpensive hobby. A good mid-quality bicycle will cost you $400-$2000 on average.

Once you own the bike, you need to spend some time on regular maintenance each week.

Typical bike parts last 2000 miles or more before they wear out and need replacing, and most bike riders don’t travel more than 20 miles per day.

Not only is that outstanding value for money, but once you’ve made the initial investment, the costs are few and far between.

Is Biking A Good Hobby

Biking is a good hobby. Almost anyone can ride a bicycle, and they are cost-effective. The learning curve isn’t too big, and you can start at any age.

Even if you need a more specialized model like an adult tricycle for stability or a recumbent for back pain, you can still participate, and the benefits are stellar.

Benefits Of Cycling As A Hobby

Few hobbies have as many benefits as cycling. In terms of fitness, you will learn muscle memory, build new muscles, and make gains in your cardiovascular health while also getting in your aerobic workouts.

On top of the overall physical health benefits, simply getting outdoors and seeing the city or countryside around you improves mental clarity and reduces depression.

There are 1000 ways to practice your cycling hobby, from mechanics and building to painting, leisure riding, charity work through marathons, and more.

With the proper cargo carrying equipment, you can commute and carry things like groceries, so it’s easy to integrate other activities, turning chores into enjoyable rides.

Plus, if you love cycling enough and put in the effort, you can turn it into a career. In short, you won’t find a better, more inclusive, or versatile hobby.

How To Start Cycling As A Hobby

Cycling as a hobby is not a complicated process. That said, there is a little more to it than getting on a bike and riding.

The 6 steps below are all you need to know about how to start cycling as a hobby.

  1. First, and most obviously, you need a bike. I recommend researching the different styles and their uses before you choose the one you’re most interested in trying.
  2. Then choose a good quality bike in the style that suits you. For example, there’s no reason to buy a BMX if you really only want to take leisurely trips down your local bike path on a cruiser. If you’re not sure, get a hybrid that covers 2-3 of the styles of riding you want to try.
  3. Learn to ride if you don’t already know how. Practice somewhere safe like on a driveway, or at a local park rather than on the road.
  4. Next, learn about all the parts of your bike so you can discuss it with mechanics for repairs.
  5. It’s a wise idea to also learn how to fix a tire puncture and do basic weekly maintenance tasks.
  6. Finally, set aside some time each week to go ride.

Helpful Tips To Know About Biking As A Hobby

Biking is a fantastic healthy hobby that will help you relax and stay fit.

Whether you’re a speed demon who needs the adrenaline of downhill mountain dirt trails or a casual people watcher who wants a beach cruiser for occasional forays down near your local pier, it doesn’t matter. The benefits are the same.

Here are more helpful tips to know about biking as a hobby.

  • Don’t try to go hard and fast. Regardless of your overall fitness, you should not push yourself too hard at first. If you do you’ll be risking injuries rather than building stamina, so scale it back a little.
  • Cycling is low impact and therefore accessible to most people. You don’t need to have the skill when you start because you will gain it as you ride for fun.
  • It’s okay to have more than one type of cycling as a hobby. However, you should start with the simplest style that you enjoy to build muscle memory, awareness of the challenges, and confidence.
  • One of the nicest things about choosing a healthy hobby is the endorphins. As Web MD explains, “When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine.”

Final Thoughts

Biking is a fantastic hobby for people of all skill and fitness levels. Not only will cycling help keep you healthy, but it’s also low impact on your joints, and it can help improve your overall mood.

There are numerous benefits to going for a bike ride. Moreover, there are quite a few different types of bikes and styles of riding, so it can fit into any environment and lifestyle.

If you’re thinking about starting to ride a bike as a hobby go for it. You’ll find it’s easy and a ton of fun.

Brian Smith

Brian is the founder of Bicycles In Motion and an avid cyclist for 17 years. On the weekends, he enjoys exploring new bike trails and countryside roads to enjoy the outdoors.

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