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How Much Is An Old Schwinn Bicycle Worth

How Much Is An Old Schwinn Bicycle Worth

Schwinn has been making incredible, innovative, and iconic bicycles for over a hundred years, and these bikes are built to last.

Thanks to their durability and craftsmanship, some collectors specialize in vintage Schwinn bicycles, and it’s easy to see why. Still, not every old Schwinn is valuable. How much is an old Schwinn bicycle worth?

Most bicycles lose value quickly, however old Schwinn bicycles can be worth a lot. A vintage Schwinn Exelsior from the 1920s is worth $900 and a 1948 Girls Tank bicycle goes for $559. The rarity, desirability and condition will affect the price up or down. You can find cheap vintage Schwinn bikes in need of restoration for as little as $70.

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Are Old Schwinn Bikes Worth Anything

Old Schwinn bicycles can be worth a lot. Some models are more durable and instantly recognizable, making them more desirable to own.

While a bike in good, rideable, or near-rideable condition with original parts and paint is always more valuable, you can score some great deals if you’re willing to do a little restoration work.

Collectors of classic sporting goods sometimes buy and sell old Schwinns. However, a whole subset of cyclists loves these classy vintage bikes.

Fans of these beautiful bikes even have a dedicated Facebook page with over 8,000 members and a sub-Reddit for collectors.

1948 Schwinn Bicycle Value

Vintage Schwinn bicycles from the post-WWII era hold their value well. Most are worth far more than when they originally sold, even adjusting for inflation.

The 1948s are especially desirable even if they are not in working order.

The 1948 Schwinn Men’s Straight Bar Frame Autocycle Balloon Tire Bike retails for around $200 in decent condition.

This bike was traditionally red and had a boxy toptube that was iconic for the era. If you find one for sale, look for signs of rust and scratches in the original paint.

While plenty of these are around in moderate to good condition, you may want to skip over any model with too much damage on the metal frame and wheels.

The Schwinn 1948 Girls Tank Bicycle goes for $559.00 on eBay. This somewhat drab-looking bike has the dropped toptube so women in skirts and riding skirts could wear them.

Keep an eye out for tassels on the handlebar grips and the child rear fender carrier, making this model more valuable.

Women of the era often brought their children on bike rides if they had a bicycle and it was considered perfectly safe.

How Much Is A 1950 Schwinn Bike Worth

Schwinns from the 1950s are unmistakable because they look like they belong in front of a five-and-dime or soda shop.

They still retain their value reasonably well, but most models aren’t wildly expensive. Thanks to the massive fandom that collects all-things-1950s, there are many Schwinn bikes around from this period.

The Schwinn World Varsity Bike is an early example of road bike styles. While this heavy-framed bike will certainly not win the Tour De France now, it’s well worth the four hundred dollars it retails for.

This bike is beloved because it’s the predecessor of today’s racing bikes. A bit of rust is to be expected on this streamlined bike but look out for an intact metal logo plate on the front fork with the beautiful art-deco style Schwinn logo.

By comparison, the girl’s Hollywood Bike is glamorous in pink and white with a dropped frame and toptube so a gal in her poodle skirt could tool around town.

Look for painted stars on the ink chain housing that is part of the visual appeal of this bike.

These bikes were relatively commonplace, and you should be able to get one for one to two hundred dollars depending on how much wear it has.

How Much Is A 1960 Schwinn Bike Worth

The 1960s was an era when Schwinn bikes were noteworthy for the metal plates between the toptube and lower tube on the frame.

This look was not quite universal, but it was common. Messenger seats with an S emblazoned on them were also well known in the 60s.

If you want a Cycletruck Show Bike from the 1960s in good condition, you can pick one up for around $2,000.

This rare bike is known for its smaller front wheel with a large wire basket mounted over it for carrying larger loads such as newspapers, groceries, and other bulky items.

The women’s Collegiate Bike showed the forward-thinking times. Though these still sport a dropped frame, as many women’s bikes still do today, the lines were less curvy and more angular and sleek.

Front and rear reflectors on this bike were mounted between the spokes. You can still grab this style for around a hundred dollars in good condition.

How Much Is A 1970 Schwinn Bike Worth

The 70s were when you really started to see Schwinns with multiple gears getting popular. Continental Chicago bikes were a favorite in the 1970s.

These commuter bikes have a large, angular v-shaped frame. The handlebars have a low rise for a more bent-forward riding position, but they aren’t negative-rise like a road bike.

You can pick up a CC for $150 to about $400 in good to excellent condition, and there are plenty of them still out there, which shows how well this model holds and gains value.

The Stingray Pixie with its huge banana seat was an immensely popular children’s style during the 1970s. You’ve probably even seen these bikes on TV.

These little road cruisers had a chrome support from the rear axle to the back of the extra-long seat.

Luckily, these bikes have held up well and gained a little value when they’re well maintained, so they cost around a hundred and fifty bucks.

1980 Schwinn Bike Value

Arguably one of the most recognized Schwinns from 1980 is the Thrasher BMX. This bicycle style was becoming commercially popular among a wider crowd at the time, especially among boys and young men.

A vintage Thrasher in excellent condition retails for three hundred fifty to four hundred dollars and is known for being one of the significant commercial predecessors of the modern BMX movement.

The World Sport Touring Bikes were also very popular in this era. A large, angular frame and road bike handlebars made these bikes recognizable.

Teal was one of the most popular bike colors in this era, and it’s easy to find well-maintained World Sports. You should expect to pay one to two hundred dollars for these basic bikes.

Helpful Tips To Know About How Much An Old Schwinn Bicycle Is Worth

Owning a classic bike like a vintage Schwinn can be a status symbol, a source of pride, a work of art, or something you do out of love. Whatever your reason, it’s still important o get a reasonable price to value ratio.

Here are more helpful tips to know about how much an old Schwinn bicycle is worth.

  • Remember that the base cost of a vintage Schwinn isn’t the only associated fee. If you buy online, you’ll need to pay additional taxes and shipping fees, which can exceed a hundred dollars even for domestic shipping.
  • Sometimes, you can find old Schwinn bicycles at thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets. You’re more likely to find a good bargain there than at a professional retailer’s shop.
  • Price and value aren’t always the same. A seller who is emotionally attached to a vintage bike may push the price higher than it’s worth. Meanwhile, you can find bikes with incredible value for display, parts, or riding at unexpectedly low prices when the seller is careless or doesn’t feel older items have the same saleability. Always shop around.

Final Thoughts

Schwinn bikes are more likely to retain their value than most brands because they have a large following of collectors and fans.

When you’ve been around for a century building iconic bikes, it’s no real surprise that your brand has fans.

In general, you should expect a vintage Schwinn in fair to excellent condition to retail from $100 to $500.

Rare bikes and older ones in superb condition are worth even more.

Best of all, you can find these bikes in many places because they hold up so well, and Schwinn owners tend to take good care of their iconic bicycles.

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