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Are Haro BMX Bikes Good

Are Haro BMX Bikes Good

Haro bikes started back in 1976 when Bob Haro began making excellent custom number plates for local BMX racers, but it wasn’t until late 1981 that Haro would start producing BMX bicycles.

In the 41 years since the Haro brand grew steadily to become a world-famous BMX manufacturer known for its high-quality parts and materials. Are Haro BMX bikes good?

Haro BMX bikes are very good because they have built a reputation for building quality bikes at a cheaper price. Haro makes lighter BMX frames compared to many of its competitors and their bikes can be highly customized with upgradable components that are strong and efficient. Haro bikes have great warranties because their design and material quality are excellent.

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Are Haro BMX Bikes Any Good

To answer the question ‘are Haro BMX bikes any good,’ let’s take a look at what makes a BMX outstanding overall.

Obviously, a bike with rusting parts that bend and break is awful, but what makes a bike, or bike company, excellent isn’t limited to what you can see.

Below is a list of what makes Haro BMX bikes good:

  • Customization – Haro started out creating handmade number plates, and the need for customization has remained a core concept in its designs. Rather than expecting riders to buy a new bike every time they want a different feature, look for a bike, like a Haro, that is meant for customization.
  • Style – You should always look for a bike that you want to ride. Although beauty is only the surface, when you spend money on a hobby or sport, you should get what you want from it, including finding an available style that suits your aesthetic. Haro has a considerable catalog that offers the right style for any rider.
  • Warranty – Look for a good warranty that lasts a long time. A company that manufactures high-quality products is typically willing to back those products with a guarantee that offers you replacements or money back if something fails because of a defect. Haro has outstanding warranties.
  • Weight – For BMX riders, the weight of the bike and frame is essential. Lighter is better when you have small diameter wheels. Likewise, it’s easier to do tricks on a lightweight frame if you plan to get airborne. Haro makes lighter frames compared to many of its competitors.

Are Haro Bikes Good Quality

Happily, I can confidently say that Haro Bikes are of good quality. Quality is a mark of value. For anything, including a Haro BMX, it needs to have three things to be of good quality.

First, you have to start with a great design to make something worth having.

Secondly, the materials a BMX is made from matter a great deal. A quality bike should always be manufactured from excellent source materials.

And finally, it needs to be a fair price for the work. No one want’s a cheap BMX but getting ripped off isn’t a quality issue. It’s just dishonest business.

Best Haro BMX

Picking one penultimate Haro bike is an arduous task. However, after an exhaustive search, I have found a high-performance, stylish, fan favorite Haro BMX that exemplifies everything that makes this company and its BMX bikes great.

If you only own one BMX, pick the 2021 Bob Haro 26″ Freestyler.

The 2021 Bob Haro 26″ Freestyler was designed and hand-signed by Bob Haro for Haro bikes this year, but that’s not all that makes this bike exceptional.

The colorway and style of the 2021 Bob Haro are based on his original freestylers of the 1980s. Plus, the seat and pads are Bob’s own art, designed by the same hands that launched a bicycle empire.

Bicycling called this bike “…a tour of freestyle-BMX history packed into a single bicycle.”

Looking stunning and sporting one of the most classic looks in all of BMX is just the tip of the iceberg.

The hundred percent Chromoly fork and Haro Vector bars combine with the 6061 alloy twin top-tube disc frame with the integrated HT and MID BB shell to create a light but durable bike.

All that greatness sits atop a perfectly paired set of Kenda Kranium tires. You can get this exclusive at until they sell out, so click here to ride the best Haro BMX.

Pros & Cons of Haro BMX Bikes

The pros and cons of riding a Haro is a strange list. Most of the desirable qualities you could ask for from a BMX are found in various Haro models because this company is one of the early members of the BMX movement.

Meanwhile, the list of cons is short for all the right reasons. Haro BMXs are worth it.


  • Haro is a classic American brand created by Bob Haro in California.
  • This company offers classic lineage and a genuinely massive catalog of different BMX styles.
  • Riding a Haro means you are part of a long tradition in BMX, and it shows.
  • You can rely on a Haro. Haro bikes have good warranties because their design and material quality are excellent.
  • Haro bikes are made to be modified so you can customize and swap parts easily.


  • You can’t get every bike in every size. For example, the Lineage Haro bike models have a specific set size.
  • Riders in the know will ask you about your Haro and expect you to know a lot about it.
  • Haro bikes are highly desirable, so you’ll need a better-than-average lock.

How Much Is A Haro Bike Worth

Haro BMX bikes range in price based on the model and style. These excellent bicycles are available starting at roughly $300, and the prices go up from there to over $1,200 on some models.

The average cost for adult models is around eight hundred and ninety-nine dollars. However, the most expensive Haros can sell for up to $1,500.

Where Are Haro BMX Bikes Made

The original Haro BMX bikes were made in the workshop of Torker BMX, which is (or was) located in Fullerton, California.

However, as the business expanded, Haro has adopted the same technique favored by numerous large-scale manufacturers in the bicycle and many other industries.

Modern Haro BMXs are manufactured in Taiwan.

Helpful Tips To Know If Haro BMX Bikes Are Good

There are few BMX bikes with longer lineages than a Haro. Moreover, the story behind Bob Haro’s bikes and company is an American dream come true.

Here are more helpful tips to know if Haro BMX bikes are good.

  • There are very few BMX companies as old as Haro. This brand has been around almost since the beginning designing great bikes with a focus on quality materials and fair prices.
  • Haro is known for its BMX bikes, but they also make other styles. In particular, Haro mountain bikes are also known for being high quality.
  • Bob Haro is known for his BMX bikes, but he started as an artist and still designs, makes, and sells art. However, these days it’s often in the form of script-art on clothing.

Final Thoughts

If you are wondering whether to get a Haro, do it. You won’t regret it. Not only are Haro BMX bikes ‘good,’ they are a part of a longstanding legacy.

Haro Bikes has contributed substantially to BMX culture over the course of more than four decades.

More importantly, Haro makes high-quality, well-designed, and durable BMXs that you can ride for years and backs them with a warranty so you can rest easy and ride hard.

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