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When Do New Bicycle Models Come Out

When Do New Bicycle Models Come Out

Figuring out when new bike models come out can be confusing since it seems like no one agrees. Some say it’s in the fall, while others insist they come out from February to March, and some people tell you to look in summertime.

Why is there so much confusion? Most importantly, when do new bicycle models come out?

Most new bike models are announced in the spring, but they typically don’t come out until the fall between September and November, at the end of that year’s riding season. Some brands from Europe wait until early winter, closer to the holidays, to release new bicycles. Bikes are like cars; the previous year’s models go on sale in January.

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When Do New Season Bicycle Models Come Out

New bicycle models come out from September to December. However, some shops don’t put them out until springtime.

In particular, many sporting goods and outdoor shops put out their new bike models from February to March.

Spring is when the following year’s outdoor enthusiasts start searching for the latest gear because the weather changes.

By not stocking up during the slow season, these stores can save room for winter sports gear like skis and snowmobiles.

What Time Of Year Do New Bike Models Come Out

Bicycles are like cars because all the models drop right around the same time. The previous year’s models will go on sale as soon as next year’s models arrive.

For bikes, this happens in the fall. Typically, new models hit from the beginning of September through early November, just before Black Friday, because that’s the biggest shopping day of the year.

What Month Do New Bikes Come Out

In the pre-pandemic era, 2019 and before September would have been the month to look for new bike releases.

Unfortunately, shipping delays and the backorders are very hit and miss at this point. Currently, (in 2022), new bikes come out whenever the deliveries come in.

Most bikes are made in China. Shimano, which makes drive train parts for many major companies, is also manufactured in China.

However, you may find better luck getting a current model bike from a made in the USA brand. Shipping distances are not as far, and they may be willing to mail directly to you if you can’t come to pick up.

You could spend days looking up every bike manufacturer to see who makes bikes here, but happily, someone already did the work.

Tracy Hanson of USA Love List put together this convenient list of all the US bicycle manufacturers.

Which Is The Best Month To Buy A Bike

The best month to buy a bike is often, though not always, January. When the weather gets cold, local bike shops sell fewer bikes, and they may mark down prices to make additional sales.

However, even the large stores will be seeking to move products out of inventory after the holidays. Large items like bikes take up a lot of space.

When Do Bikes Go On Sale At Walmart

You can find a lot of Black Friday sales at Walmart, including bicycles. Meanwhile, there are plenty of pre and post-Black Friday sales and online-only deals for Cyber Monday for those who prefer to order online.

However, that’s not the only time to get a cheaper bike at Walmart.

The Crazy Coupon Lady says, “If you want to be the first to score clearance deals at Walmart, be prepared to head there the first five days of the month. That’s when the most markdowns and the widest selection of clearance happens.”

End Of Season Bike Sale

The end-of-season bike sales happen when the weather begins to cool down at the end of summer.

This is when people are spending less time outside on their bikes. For children, it’s also when they are headed back to school.

Many bike shops and even big box stores find that the change in weather makes the end of August or the beginning of September the ideal time to have a sale.

By dropping prices, they can move old stock out and make room for new bicycles that come in during the autumn.

Manufacturers release new bikes before the holidays so people can get a good look at them before the winter buying season hits, but there wouldn’t be any room for those bikes if the old stock weren’t gone first.

When Do New Mountain Bikes Come Out

Most new mountain bikes come out at the end of the warm season. Depending on the company, material availability, and shipping issues, you can expect to start seeing the latest MTBs as soon as September.

However, releases will be staggered over three or four months, with European bikes coming in last.

It is important to remember that companies designing and testing their new products aren’t the only thing that affects this schedule.

Global shipping is currently slowed down by a war that impacts fuel prices worldwide.

The best way to get the latest MTB is to pre-order from a company that makes bikes on American soil and then be very patient since they have no control over how long shipping takes.

When Are New Road Bikes Released

Road bikes are announced in April. Unlike most bicycles, this style of bike is often released in mid-summer.

The Tour De France is the largest and most famous road-bike-based event in the world, and it happens from July first to the twenty-fourth.

A massive and world-famous event like the Tour raises interest in road bikes all over, increasing sales.

People who have been considering riding for health pick up bikes and make resolutions.

Likewise, those considering getting more serious find renewed commitment when they see the Le Tour riders make the news.

It’s great for the bicycle industry, as long as there are road bikes in shops to purchase.

Helpful Tips To Know About When New Bicycle Models Come Out

There was a time when almost all bikes came out on a predictable schedule, and hopefully, as global shipping clears up, we can get back to that. New bikes should drop in September, but you have to have patience.

Here are more helpful tips to know about when new bicycle models come out.

  • Ordering a custom bicycle is not the same as back-ordering or pre-ordering. Custom bikes are done when the builder finishes. A backorder is when they are running late, and a pre-order means you get one of the first to come in with a new batch, but you still have to wait until the bikes arrive.
  • Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic and shipping delays caused by material shortages, excessive demand, and lack of staff in warehouses and other related fields continue to interfere with release schedules. Pre-pandemic release date expectations are no longer the norm in any industry, but it’s pronounced in high-demand sectors like bicycle production. Manufacturers struggle to meet their usual quotas. Global material costs and shipping fees are higher than ever, and the demand for bicycles remains incredibly high.
  • Not all bikes have a model every year. For example, Bianchi’s Oltre XR4 is due for a new model this year, but they haven’t been updated since 2016.

Final Thoughts

Bicycles traditionally release from September until just before Black Friday, except for road bikes.

Thanks o the fame of the Tour De France, most road bikes release in mid to late July instead because that’s when people want them.

Outdoor shops often waited until just before spring to drop their new bikes because it allowed them to save space for winter gear.

However, since the pandemic, global shipping issues, increased demand, and now the war that has caused gas prices to go up so steeply, release dates are more about when the stock is available.

With luck, that will start to change back to a more regular schedule by 2023 or 2024, but until it does, you’ll have to be patient.

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