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Where Can I Sell My Bike For Cash Near Me

Where Can I Sell My Bike For Cash Near Me

It’s vital to do good research before putting your bike up for sale if you want to get a reasonable price. The demand for bikes has gone up steeply since the pandemic began, so there’s no better time to clean out your garage and resell your old, unridden bicycles for cash.

Where can I sell my bike for cash near me? I will walk you through the top ten best options.

The best place to sell bikes near you is Play It Again Sports, a company that’s been around buying gently used sports equipment since 1983. If your bike is in good condition, you can get cash by bringing it to the nearest location. They will assess your bike and make an offer on the spot, usually within a few minutes.

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10 Best Places To Sell A Bicycle For Cash Near Me

There are tons of superb ways to sell a bicycle in your area. Yard sales and swap meets are one opinion, but you’ll probably make more money and have a lot less hassle if you go to a resale shop or bike-specific resale website.

Even a pawn shop can be a great option if you know who to trust.

Below are the 10 best places to sell a bicycle for cash near you.

1 – Who Buys Bikes For Cash Near Me – (Play It Again Sports)

Play it Again Sports is reliable when you’re looking to get rid of your old bike and need it out of the way fast but don’t want to deal with online sales.

This company has been around for almost 40 years, trading and reselling sports-specific equipment like bikes. Plus, there are locations all over the country, so it’s easy to find one near you.

Cash customers will receive thirty percent of the item’s resale value. There are no fees to have your bike assessed.

You simply bring in any bike in good condition, and they will do an assessment, then offer you cash if your bicycle is worth reselling in the shop.

Play It Again Sports is Number one because it’s easy to deal with, and you can literally walk in the door with a bike and walk out with cash, sometimes in minutes.

You can find their website right here.

2 – Where Can I Sell My Mountain Bike For Cash Near Me – (Pink Bike)

Mountain bikes are durable, which means they can sometimes have a high resale value.

Listing an MTB on Pink Bike is a great way to get cash near you. This well-known site sees a lot of traffic, and everyone who visits is looking to buy or sell a bike, so there are no other competing goods.

Pink Bike is a fee-free service. You need to sign in and create an ad with pictures. You set your own price.

This site is mountain bike-specific, and everyone who comes to the site is there to look for or share info about MTBs.

You can find their website right here.

3 – Pawn Shops That Buy Bikes Near Me – (National Pawn)

Using a pawn shop is that you can change your mind within a limited window and pay the shop back as though the money was a loan.

The downside is that there is no set price or percentage per item. Instead, it is assessed on-site, and they make an offer.

Skip the questionable back-alley, one-off pawn shops and go with a national chain instead.

I recommend National Pawn Shops. A smaller shop may pass based on the lack of room for bikes in-shop.

This large chain is more reliable and consistent than smaller shops and is more likely to have space for your bike.

You can find their website right here.

4 – Where Can I Sell My Push Bike For Cash – (The Pro’s Closet)

The Pro’s Closet is an easy website to work with when you need to sell your bike. To get the cash, you need to take a couple of good pictures of your pushbike.

Then you submit them on the site, and you’ll hear back in about 24 hours. The price they offer depends on your bike.

When your bicycle is accepted, you have to send it in. TPC pays for shipping, and once it arrives, you get paid within three business days.

Using this system, you can get guaranteed cash, and TPC avoids getting scammed.

You can find their website right here.

5 – Best Place To Sell Bicycles Online – (Facebook Marketplace)

The best place to sell bicycles online near you is through Facebook Marketplace. In recent years FB has taken over the local resale niche and become hugely popular.

Better still, Facebook Marketplace has no selling fees for listing your items.

The downside to the FB marketplace is that you don’t get guaranteed cash like you would with a pawn shop or bike reseller.

You get what you negotiate for, and you will get lowball offers along with the legit interested parties.

However, you can also move a bike for cash in hand pretty quickly, and you don’t even have to leave home.

You can find their website right here.

6 – Best Place To Sell Second Hand Bicycle – (Bicycle Blue Book)

Bicycle Blue Book has become a trusted name in resale valuation for bikes.

However, they are also an excellent way for sellers and buyers to connect, and that means you can use this fantastic secondhand value site to sell your bike for a fair price.

Plus, they have a retail location and sometimes buy used bikes directly.

Sign up for an account and decide whether you want the instant payout or you’d rather sell on your own.

The amount you make depends on your bike, and as a seller, you can charge the shipping costs to the buyer and still make a tidy profit.

Instant cash will pay you less, but you get money in your Paypal as soon as the transaction is done.

You can find their website right here.

7 – Best Place To Sell A Vintage Bicycle – (eBay)

Vintage bikes, especially the rare ones, are in demand, but it can be challenging to find buyers. That’s where eBay comes in handy.

Millions of secondhand buyers come to this site daily looking for something unique. You get to set your own fee, and you can even auction your item in the hope of getting an even better offer.

You have to sign up for an account to buy and sell.

The eBay Seller’s Guide explains, “If your item sells, eBay keeps a portion of the sale. This final value fee for most categories is 12.9% of the sale price or lower, plus $0.30 per order.”

You can find their website right here.

8 – Best Place To Sell Bicycle Parts – (Craigslist)

Craigslist may be number two these days, but it’s still around and going strong. People go there looking for many things, and parts for vehicles and bikes are one of them.

You can create a listing in almost any urban area in the US, plus many other places in the world.

CL ads are fee-free, so the only thing you spend is time. You can negotiate or explain that your fee is firm.

However, it’s also essential to tell people whether you are willing to meet up, drop off, or have them pick up at your home only.

You can find their website right here.

9 – Best Place To Sell High-End Bicycles – (Goodbye Cycle)

Goodbye Cycle specializes in vintage bikes. This stellar resale business works with bicycle shops and individuals nationwide.

Best of all, they are super easy to use and have a four-step system.

 I’ve listed the steps below according to the site.

Step One:
Fill out our online form… with all the info on your bike. We will review and get back to you with an offer within 24 hours—probably sooner.

Step Two:
If you accept our offer, decide on what shipping option best works for you.

Step Three:
Pack up the bike, and send it to us.

Step Four:
When we receive your bike, you get paid!

You can find their website right here.

10 – Best Place To Sell Bicycle UK – (Cycle Exchange)

Cycle Exchange is one of the UK’s largest and most reliable resellers of bikes. This business has been around for over four decades, so the process is very smooth and worry-free.

The whole process takes approximately two minutes, and you need good pictures to submit a bike.

According to the site, they will buy “Road, Gravel and TT Bikes less than 7 years old with an original selling price of more than £1,200. E-Bikes less than 4 years old with an original selling price of more than £1,800.

Mountain Bikes less than 3 years old with an original selling price of more than £2,500.”

You can find their website right here.

Helpful Tips To Know About Where I Can Sell My Bike For Cash Near Me

Bicycles are like cars. As soon as you buy a bike, it begins to lose value, but even so, a well-maintained bike will retain good value.

Here are a few more helpful tips to know about where I can sell my bike for cash near me.

  • A well-maintained used bike is often more valuable than the one you didn’t ride. Sitting in storage can leave a bicycle rusty, with old rubber tires and cracking paint, but a well-loved bike is usually in better condition.
  • Some bikes aren’t worth selling because of damage or low value. In those cases, you may still be able to sell parts if they’re in good condition.
  • Very few bikes sell for more than their original price. Some showroom bicycles, original or one-of-a-kind models, and famous bikes with a specific well-documented history are worth a lot, but most only get you a fraction of what you paid for them.
  • Selling through ads will often get you more money than going through a shop or site that buys the bicycle directly from you. However, you also have to give out your private contact information to customers, which means a higher risk to you.

Final Thoughts

Getting rid of old and unused bikes is a great way to make a little side cash. However, not all bikes are worth reselling, and if yours is damaged, most shops and resellers won’t pay for it.

Fortunately, every place from pawnshops to Facebook can net you a fist full of folding money for good-quality bikes.

If you’re willing to wait a little longer, you can even get cash pay-palled or Venmoed through online purchase sites.

Whether you sell directly to an individual through ads or take money from a reseller, there’s no reason to let that old bike rust.

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