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Best Time To Buy A Bicycle

Best Time To Buy A Bicycle

A new bike is going to lighten your wallet by hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but you can save some money if you know when to shop. If you absolutely need this year’s latest, then timing your shopping trip can make a big difference.

Always wait for the sales, so you don’t overpay. When is the best time of year to buy a new bicycle?

The best time of year to buy a new bicycle is during the Black Friday sale in November. Stores have all the new bike models in stock, and they put current and previous models on sale for holiday shoppers. Waiting until right after Thanksgiving can cut the price of your bike by 10% or more.

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Best Time Of Year To Buy A New Bicycle

The best time of year to buy a new bicycle is not long after they come out.

Although there are many sales throughout the year, Black Friday is the one day when you are most likely to get a deeply discounted but still brand new bike.

Most merchants don’t get their new shipments for the year until at least September when they start dropping prices on last year’s bikes.

The first and last sale of the model year is usually the best for the new bikes because retailers hope to make big money for the winter holidays.

Although this is not peak cycling season, at least in this hemisphere, it’s still the best time to buy a new bicycle.

What Month Do New Bikes Come Out

Most new bicycles begin to come out in September. The end of summer and the beginning of fall is when manufacturers ship new models.

Some won’t release until October or even November, but the majority will hit stores as soon as the weather starts to cool.

There’s one notable exception to this. Larger outdoor sporting goods retailers tend to wait on their bike shipments.

Fall is the best time for these shops to order other items like skis, snowboards, and even snowmobiles which leaves little room for a bicycle display.

If you want to shop for a new bike at a big-box sports shop, then look in the early spring instead.

Do Bike Prices Drop In Winter

Most bike prices drop in the fall and stay low in winter. It makes sense for the cost to be lower in winter than in peak riding season in spring and summertime.

The lowest prices will come at the end of that model year when bikes go on sale to make room for the newest models the following fall.

However, if you happen to be a road bike enthusiast, the lowest prices are right around the Tour De France. That’s when interest is the highest.

Road bike enthusiasts everywhere have their favorite sport on their minds, and the weather is warm, so it’s an excellent time to get out and ride.

Naturally, savvy retailers take advantage of the increased interest to move new and old bicycles.

This multi-week endurance race is world-famous, and for many road bicyclists, it is the penultimate career goal.

Every year, the Tour De France runs from July 1st to July 24th, and people worldwide buy road bikes at this time.

End Of Season Bike Sale

The end-of-season bike sales are another excellent time to get a discount on a bike. The cycling season generally ends when most kids go back to school.

You will find deals from late August to early September while the weather is beginning to change, but it’s not cold yet in most places.

At this time, it’s usually still nice enough outdoors to enjoy a ride without binding up too much, but the new bikes haven’t arrived for the year.

This makes it an ideal time for a sale to make space for new inventory while people can still get out and ride.

Best Time To Buy A Bicycle US

The best time to buy a bicycle in the US is during early fall. This is the last time in the year you’ll find discounts on the current bike models.

However, if you can’t take advantage of the end-of-season or Black Friday sales, there are a few other unique times when you will find great deals on bicycles.

As San Antonio Bike Share points out, “The majority of internet sellers, as well as local bike shops, provide discounts around big holidays. If you live in the United States, for example, you can look for great deals on holidays like Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, President’s Day, New Year’s Day, and Columbus Day.”

Best Time To Buy A Bicycle Canada

In Canada, new bikes come in during late winter and early spring. This is likely due to the extreme cold weather.

A fall shipment in lower North America doesn’t usually have to travel over icy roads. So, waiting until things begin to thaw to ship large, out-of-season items makes sense in the north.

One of the best times to get a great deal on a bike in Canada is Boxing Day, December 26th.

This annual holiday has become associated with shopping, much like the USA’s Black Friday, though it comes after Christmas, and there are fewer store riots.

Any late winter shipments coming in will have arrived before the holidays, and you can get great bargains on new bikes from merchants who want to make room for springtime inventory in a few months.

Best Time To Buy A Bicycle UK

From October to April, you can find most models of new and recent-years bicycles available in shops, but it’s not always the best time to buy.

The best time to buy a bike in the UK is early autumn to winter after the cycling season ends. The cycling season is generally from May until September.

You will find sales from the end of September until December as merchants work to move this-years bicycles out to make space for the next year and deal with increased holiday demands.

Discounts generally get higher right before the holidays, but if you wait too late, after Boxing Day, sales drop, and prices rise.

Best Time To Buy A Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes tend to go on sale just a little earlier than other models. You can get a considerable variety of MTBs at the end of summer while it’s still nice enough out to ride.

Plus, you’ll find great prices in the early pre-end-of-season sales. Mountain bike models traditionally come out around October, a little bit later than the first road bikes and cruisers.

So you can shop MTB sales a month before other styles.

Best Time To Buy A Used Bike

Used bikes have all the same sale times as other bicycles. However, pre-owned bicycles are often sold through thrift shops, private owners, swap meets, and other secondhand places instead of bike or sporting goods specific locations.

That means you can get stellar deals all year, but the best time to find many used bikes is right after the holidays in late December and January.

People get rid of old bikes after they get new ones for the holidays, which means savings for you.

Helpful Tips To Know About The Best Time To Buy A Bicycle

Getting a great deal on a new (or used) bicycle doesn’t need to be a headache. You can save a ton of money by shopping the sales and off-seasons.

Here are more helpful tips to know about the best time to buy a bicycle.

  • Some bike shops also have sales around their anniversaries. It’s common for smaller merchants to celebrate the annual ‘birthday’ of when their shop opened, and those dates vary widely.
  • Due to the pandemic, the demand for bicycles has gone up significantly. Unfortunately, the average price is also much higher, so shopping the sales is the only way to get a new bicycle at prices approaching pre-pandemic levels. As GCN shares in this video we are experiencing a global bike shortage. They explain what’s going on with supply and demand and all these shipping issues.
  • Shipping delays worldwide due to Covid have made exact delivery times unpredictable for merchants. The larger shops will often have more reliable shipments if they have a dedicated fleet, but that is not a guarantee. Expect some new bikes to drop later or out of season for the foreseeable future.

Final Thoughts

The best time to buy a bike is usually during holiday sales. Bicycles aren’t as expensive as a car or house, but they are still big-ticket items.

Moreover, the average cost of bikes is a lot higher than ever before, thanks to a global shortage. The smart way to handle it is by shopping the sales and knowing when the best time is to buy a bicycle.

Most manufacturers and retailers are working hard to keep as close to bikes’ traditional release schedules and sale times as possible, but you should be prepared for delays.

You’ll save a ton of money on your new bicycle if you can wait for the best time.

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