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How Long Does It Take To Bike 2 Miles

How Long Does It Take To Bike 2 Miles

Most people can walk a mile in thirteen to twenty minutes, but you’ll get there in a fraction of that time on a bicycle. A quick walk isn’t even close to a casual bike riding speed.

Wheels are substantially more efficient at covering ground than legs and feet. How long does it take to bike two miles?

It takes around 6 to 8 minutes to casually bike 2 miles on relatively flat roads with little to no interference going 10 mph. An experienced rider going 20 mph can bike 2 miles in 3 to 4 minutes. This speed will change based on the rider’s stamina, muscle, hills, slopes, wind, traffic and tire size.

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How Long Does It Take The Average Person To Bike 2 Miles

Most people can bike a mile in three to four minutes, and that speed stays consistent for up to ten miles before muscle fatigue starts to become a problem.

Although how long it takes to bike two miles varies from person to person, most of us would take around six to eight minutes.

Meanwhile, going the whole 10 miles takes most riders 30 to 40 minutes in neutral conditions. Still, after that, you may begin to slow down unless you’re accustomed to riding longer distances and have built stamina.

How Long Does It Take To Bike 2 Miles Casually

It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes at most to bike two miles casually, and most people would make it in roughly half that time without any problem.

Ten miles per hour is fast by foot-traffic standards, but it’s not demanding on a bicycle. Even if you are very new to biking, nine to ten miles per hour isn’t fast or brutal for a typical bike rider.

According to Greatist, “In 2017, British Olympian Tom Bosworth broke a world record when he race-walked 1 mile in a speedy 5 minutes and 31 seconds.”

That is incredible for a human who isn’t even running. By comparison, a mediocre, inexperienced bike rider would likely have been at the finish line a minute and a half earlier without breaking a sweat.

How Long Does It Take An Experienced Rider To Bike 2 Miles

Experience is a tricky thing as it relates to cycling. The type of bike and other extenuating circumstances like winds and road or trail matter greatly.

That said, experienced riders can average 20 to 25 miles per hour in the right conditions and keep up that pace for much longer distances.

Let’s assume a maximum of 25 miles per hour. On top of that, I will say that the conditions are ideal for this rider. They have a flat road, no wind, and nothing to hold them back, but also nothing pushing them forward and no traffic.

In these circumstances, the experienced bicyclist would go two miles in four minutes and forty-eight seconds.

How Long Does It Take To Bike 2 Miles On Hills

Biking uphill often takes nearly twice as long as it would on a flat surface. Likewise, biking downhill can decrease your time as gravity does the work of speeding you up.

When you’re moving at exactly half your average speed, you can assume it would take 12 to 16 minutes if you’re headed chiefly uphill.

Alternately, if you are in a hilly area and the path takes advantage of the ups and downs, then it depends on the terrain. You could quickly end up taking the same amount of time because you catch up on the downslopes.

How Long Does It Take To Bike 2 Miles On A Mountain Bike

The type of bike matters less than the rider’s fitness, the slope of the mountain, and the diameter of the tires.

Uphill biking is significantly more strenuous than flat ground, small hills, or a downslope. Assume it will take two or even three times longer to accomplish the distance than your usual time.

The incline plus gravity are working against you, which makes every rotation of the pedals cost more energy than flat-land bicycling.

If you do a four-minute mile on your bike in flat terrain, it will take around 16 to 24 minutes to bike two miles on a mountain bike.

How To Bike 2 Miles Faster

There are lots of different ways to bike two miles faster. Whether you’re in a rush, need a fast workout, or just want to get from one place to the next as soon as possible, you can always cut the time.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to cut corners and even push too hard, risking muscle damage to get those faster times, but there are better ways.

With a few simple, practical life-hacks for bicycle riding, you can reduce your travel time in intelligent ways.

Here are 7 methods to safely increase your speed or decrease your effort so you can go faster.

  • Cut down on wind resistance. Wear close-fitting clothing instead of baggier options like loose jeans and unzipped jackets. Also, opting for a messenger bag is often more streamlined than baskets, saddlebags, or a backpack.
  • Plan your route well. Choose roads that aren’t busy and have fewer intersections. On trails, opt for areas that are less hilly so you can ride on a flat surface.
  • Check the weather and plan your ride times accordingly. Strong winds and bad road conditions will slow you down and can even cause accidents.
  • Use the correct type of bicycle for your needs. If you ride in the city, a cruiser is fine, but for mountain trails, you’ll need a mountain bike.
  • Bigger wheels don’t technically move faster, but they cover more ground with each rotation. Not only will this save you energy, but it can get you where you’re going faster as a result.
  • Bike downhill whenever possible, but when not, choose a gradual incline instead of a series of small hills or one big hill.
  • Ride a bicycle with a lighter frame and thinner tires. When you carry less weight, you can put more muscle into forward momentum and go faster.

Helpful Tips To Know About How Long It Takes To Bike 2 Miles

You need more information before you can determine how long it will take you to travel a couple of miles on your bicycle. Your personal average speed is an excellent place to start.

Here are a few more helpful tips to know about how long it takes to bike two miles.

  • A topographical map can show you the terrain in your area. Learning to read this specialized type of map can be a significant benefit for cyclists when choosing routes or estimating time.
  • According to The Bike Rack, “A person can bike about 10 miles per hour for an hour. If you want to bike 20 miles, you will need to take a break and rest for about 15 minutes before continuing.”
  • It is not a race unless you are racing. You don’t need to impress anyone. Enjoy riding two miles at the most comfortable speed for you unless you are specifically training for an event or otherwise need to reduce your travel time for practical reasons.

Final Thoughts

Most people will bike two miles in around six to ten minutes. Hilly terrain, city streets with lots of traffic and stops, or even wind can change this time frame significantly.

It’s important to remember that the same amount of effort can produce wildly different results.

Riding a BMX up a mountain and facing into the wind will take a lot longer than a road bike on flat land, but a loaded down cruiser with full saddlebags can beat them both if it’s going downhill with a nice breeze behind the rider.

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