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7 Best Mountain Bike Grips for Large Hands: (Buyers Guide)

Best Mountain Bike Grips for Large Hands

The right bike grips save your hands from injuries from metal handlebars and also connect you to your bicycle. But as the market has many models, choosing the best mountain bike grips for large hands can seem daunting.

Thankfully, I have done all the work for you and come up with this list of the best grips for people with big hands.

The best mountain bike grips for large hands are the Wolf Tooth fat paw grips. These are thick and give excellent grip no matter the trail you are riding. They measure 110 grams each with an inner diameter of 31.8mm. Their ergonomic shape compensates for the reduced circumference, offering comfort and padding when you need it.

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What Size MTB Grips Should I Use

Since grips are crucial components for a great ride, you must choose the right ones. The challenge is that mountain bike grips are not universal.

Although bike grips companies standardize the internal diameter of grips to fit any mountain bike, the lengths and outer diameters vary significantly to allow it to fit as per the biker’s preference.

Therefore, when choosing the grip sizes, you should consider your preferences.

Riders often choose a mountain biking grip based on inspiration from a racer or YouTuber.

But in most cases, they end up regretting their choices. When deciding on the right size of grips, you need to visit the bike shop and fit on different grips to get a feel.

Ask yourself whether they are too big or too small for your hands and whether your hands are wide.

Some factors that affect bike grips are the inside diameter and external diameter.

The inside diameter of the grips is designed in a standard way (22mm) to fit in different models.

Finding a mountain bike grip with a different diameter from this is rare. But, it is still wise to verify the diameter before you buy them.

Regarding the external diameter, many models range from 29mm-34mm. People with larger hands tend to go for a smaller-diameter grip.

But these often do not allow the entire hand to fit in the grip, which creates a non-confident contact point.

You should find the diameter that feels right to wrap your hands around. Your hands need to feel relaxed without losing the hold of the grip.

What Are The Fattest MTB Grips

Wolf Tooth Silicone Fat Paw Grips
  • Large 9.5mm, round foam grips that have a soft feel, 30mm installed diameter
  • 100% proprietary dual-density silicone compound provides excellent vibration damping
  • Conforms to your hand for improved comfort while maintaining durability
  • Tacky texture provides excellent grip with or without gloves in all weather conditions
  • Fits all mountain bike handlebars and includes bar end plugs

The world’s fattest MTB grips are the Wolf Tooth Silicone Fat Paw Grips. They are suitable for mountain bikers with big hands as they’re super thick.

Therefore, allowing them to grip the handlebars of their bike tightly. The outer diameter of the grips is 37mm when you install them on your bike.

These are the largest grips that I found in the market. They are stylish and come with end caps with a Wolf Tooth logo.

They help support the position of your hand while reducing fatigue and numbness. As such, they are suitable for people with large or gloved hands.


The grips come with a silicone compound which offers excellent vibration damping.

Their ergonomic shape compensates for the reduced circumference, offering comfort and padding when you need it.

They conform to your hand, allowing superb comfort without losing their durability.

They offer a secure grip whether you wear gloves or not, regardless of the weather.

During the summer, the grips protect your hands from sliding off due to sweat or rain.

In the cold weather, the air will insulate you ensuring that you remain hot and prevent sliding.

The grips measure 110 grams each with an inner diameter of 31.8mm. They fit tightly around the bar.

User Experience

Many people were pleased by these grips, saying they love their comfort and feel.

Riders seem to love their ease of installation and how comfortable they feel on large hands.

The grips provide excellent pressure and are very thick, which helps people with numb hands.

However, those who had a negative experience said the grip’s thickness makes it difficult to hold and move the bike.

Also, some say that their grip reduces as the diameter increases.


The grips are priced reasonably. Considering the work that goes into making them for large hands and the silicone padding included, these grips are priced okay.

They may not be under $20, but they sure offer value for money.

What I Like and Dislike

I like that the grips are super comfortable, thanks to the silicone padding. You can bike in all weather conditions without hurting your hands or losing your grip.

Additionally, I was impressed by how easy it was to install these grips and while they offer comfort, they don’t sacrifice quality.

The only issue I have was that some people find the silicone to think, which isn’t great for numb hands.

Product Updates

Before these grips, the company designed the Razer and Karv grips which featured a thickness of 5.0mm and 6.5mm, respectively.

After the Fat paw, this company upgraded it to create the Mega Fat Paw that offers more thickness, diameter and installed circumference.

Best MTB Grips For Large Hands

1 – ODI Rogue

ODI Rogue Grips
  • Color: Black/Black, Grip model: Rogue
  • Extra large raised pads provide excellent shock absorption
  • Deep grooves help channel away dirt or debris
  • Lock-On Grip System = 100% Slip Free performance
  • Includes new Snap Cap End Plugs

While the Wolf Fat Paw grips are my fast choice, I also love the ODI Rogue grips designed for both men and women.

They may not be the most oversized grips on the market, but they are large enough to handle big hands.

Their outer diameter measures 35mm, a suitable size for preventing hand fatigue and numbness.

You don’t need to grip the whole handlebars to get a good grip. You can still do that while resting your palms on them.

They suit people who sweat a lot on their hands as they offer more grip.


The grips come with two clamps to help hold the grip in place. They work well with bar ends.

But you’ll need to uninstall the bar ends first, install the grips and put the ends back on.

They measure 130mm long and come with a 2.5mm wrench. Since these grips are silicone, they may be slippery at first for people with sweaty hands.

However, with 2-3 rides, they’ll stop being slippery and offer more grip thanks to the raised pads and texture.

User Experience

Many customers seem to love their experience with these grips. Many say that they felt comfortable on their big hands and soft.

This softness absorbs vibrations, allowing you to ride on different trails. They stay in position at all times when riding on different trails.

Riders have used this pair for long-distance rides and love the big diameter and less fatigue and numbness.


The ODI Grips Bonus aren’t the cheapest grips in the market. But, they are worth every penny. The grips offer comfort, support and protection and can be used by both women and men.

Additionally, some stores offer discounts on these grips. So, if you are tight on budget, think of waiting for promotions and discount deals.

What I Like and Dislike

I love that these grips are comfortable, durable and look great. They provide excellent shock absorption and come with a lock-on grip for safe and secure control.

But, they aren’t the most oversized grips, and the price is also a bit higher than that of many models.

Product Updates

The ODI Rogue 130mm aren’t the only grips this company sells. The company upgraded them to ODI Vans, which offer more features and thickness.

There is also the ODI Rogue ATV lock-on, which is the cheapest from this company.

2 – Lizard Skins Lock-On Peaty Grips

Lizard Skins Lock-On Peaty Grips
  • Material: aluminum, plastic, rubber
  • Lock On: yes, clamps included
  • Width: 130 mm
  • Recommended Use: riding dirty

Lock-on grips are many people’s favorite choice, and these peaty grips do not disappoint.

Lizard Skins are known for their frame protection models, but as it turns out, their grips are just of high quality. This pair is comfortable and comes with Peaty’s logo.

They generally have a small diameter, which allows them to offer a direct feel on the hands.

They are suitable for people who want to enjoy long rides without feeling numb or exhausted.


The grips are perfect for many handlebars since they are thin. Their lock secures them in your hands and prevents slipping when riding in the mountains.

You can use them with or without gloves, depending on what you want. They are easy to install and lightweight.

User Experience

Overall, the user experience with this model is great. The company is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon, which is great.

Customers love that they are easy to install and offer great value. The grips have everything needed to install, and you’ll take less than 10 minutes to install them.

Also, customers love that they lock strong, allowing you to ride even when wet.

But, some said they were slippery with sweaty hands and started disintegrating sooner than expected.


Lizard Skins grips are among the most affordable models under $20. They offer you most things you expect a grip to have comfort, support and protection.

Although they may miss some features found in some expensive models, they are still a good investment.

What I Like and Dislike

I liked that the grips are made using the highest quality materials to ensure durability.

I also loved that they are easy to install and are used by many professional riders worldwide.

The only issue with them is that because they tend to be slippery, they may not be suitable to ride in the rain for people with sweaty hands.

Product Updates

The company upgraded the Lizard Skin Peaty grips to Lizard Skins Charger Lock-on grips which offer more thickness and diameter.

There are other previous models, and the company is expected to make more product updates as it is a bike grip manufacturer.

3 – ESI Chunky Grips

ESI Chunky Grips
  • Extra Chunky grips is thicker version of the Chunky grip which results in maximum shock absorption
  • 5-1/8" in length
  • 34mm grip diameter
  • Includes bar end caps
  • Weight: 80g

This is my next choice for people with large hands. Their outer diameter measures 34mm and is extra chunky.

Because of this, they offer more absorption, allowing you to ride on different terrains.

The grips are suitable for long-distance riders who want to bike in any weather. The silicone padding ensures that they remain comfortable the whole day.


They are not slippery and are also latex free. So, your hands will always be protected.

The grips are lightweight and will still keep your hands and wrists cushioned. Each grip measures inches and 1/8 inches in length.

They can fit all standard handlebar bikes.

User Experience

The grips are well reviewed, and most of the comments are positive. People love that they are easy to install and offer enough grip even in tough terrains.

Many riders loved the experience these super soft grips gave them.

However, others felt that they are not suitable for long-distance riding.


These grips are sold at $22, but you may find them at lower or higher prices depending on where you buy them.

As you can see, they are cheaper than some models I have listed here but still offer the same value.

So, their pricing is fair, considering what you get.

What I Like and Dislike

I like that they provide you with the comfort and support you need to ride in harsh terrains.

I also like that they are durable and easy to install. They are lighter than many lock-on grips and offer excellent service.

I only noticed that the shape isn’t suitable for everyone and can lead to hand pressure.

Product Updates

ESI isn’t a new company in making bike grips. The previous models were the ESI silicone grips that offered durability and comfort.

But this model provides the same features with more thickness and length.

4 – Ergon GA2 Fat Grips

Ergon GA2 Fat Grips
  • Wider diameter grip ideal for larger hands or better damping
  • Ideal for Mountain Bike, All Mountain, Freeride, Dirt
  • CNC Aluminium clamps
  • Diameter: 33mm
  • Weight: 135g

As you can tell from the name, these are designed for larger hands. Their thickness is 34mm, and they are ergonomically designed to allow you to use less force to grip.

The grip zones are matched to your hands. Hence no need to struggle. The shape distributes even pressure on the hands when riding on rough terrain or downhill.

As such, you won’t experience any hand pain.


The grips are made of UV stable rubber compound. They are extra thick and suitable for all-mountain and gravity riders.

They offer extra cushioning for people with big hands and long fingers. The grips come with an aluminum clamp that allows you to adjust the angle to provide a custom fit.

You can get it adjusted as many times as you want.

User Experience

Many riders loved these grips as they were thick and tacky. They seem to appreciate the grip’s contour and say it helps prevent hand fatigue and numbness.

They remain tacky and won’t slip even when you wash these grips.


These grips are slightly priced than most of the others I have reviewed. But I still think the comfort and excellent cushioning they offer are worth the price.

Plus, the grips have many other impressive features that you can’t ignore.

What I Like and Dislike

I like that they allow you to ride for long distances without feeling numb or tired. Also, they are packed on plastic shelves, ensuring they reach the customer undamaged.

However, I must say that they aren’t a perfect choice for people looking for a cheap pair of grips.

Product Updates

This is the only Fat grip model produced by the company. It is an upgrade of the Ergon G2 grips and offers a broader diameter and thickness.

There is also the Ergon G3 for people who want more thickness.

5 – Corki Mountain Bike Grips

Corki Mountain Bike Grips
  • 𝐂𝐎𝐌𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐓- You have a great handlebar, with the perfect positioning for your brakes and gear shifters, but you're missing some solid bike grips. This is where the Corki Cycles double locking handlebar grips come in. Built for all-mountain bikes, the lock on grips are a pleasure to hold, even on longer rides. Whether you're wearing gloves or riding without, you will enjoy superior comfort, feel, and friction as you hit the trails.
  • 𝐃𝐔𝐑𝐀𝐁𝐋𝐄 - With mountain bike grips it is inevitable they will eventually need replacing. But before that point, you want to ensure you get some solid riding in first. The Corki Cycles mountain bike grips feature a hexagon grip pattern and are made with non-slip TPR. The TPR is softer than rubber but has a higher tensile strength giving enhanced grip, wear resistance, longevity, and durability. This is not only better for your riding but also for your wallet!
  • 𝐋𝐎𝐂𝐊 𝐎𝐍 - The Corki Cycles bike grips use a double locking grip ring clamp design. The ring clamps are secured using a 3mm Allen key, tightening onto your handlebar. This means that even over challenging terrain the grips will stay secure giving the rider better control.
  • 𝐒𝐇𝐎𝐂𝐊 𝐀𝐁𝐒𝐎𝐑𝐏𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 - When riding for long periods of time, your hands and forearms can become fatigued. A good pair of grips can help with shock absorption as you ride the trails. Pair that with a superior TPR material and you have better gripping and handlebar control.
  • 𝐈𝐍𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 - To install the Corki Cycles lock on MTB grips you will need to have a handlebar with an end diameter of 22mm. Clean the ends of your handlebar before attaching and loosen the grips bolts. Slide the grips onto the end of the handlebar, positioning with good spacing for your shifter and brakes. When you're happy with the bike grip placement securely tighten with a 3mm Allen key.

Corki isn’t that popular, but its grips have a reputation for quality and durability.

Designed for riders who like riding in wet weather, this grill offers everything you expect on a bike grill.

It is made with a ventilated brick pattern and includes a non-slip rubber. So, even in the rain, the rider can get a good grip.


The pair is slip and not slipper and has minimal padding to create a connection between you and your bike.

They have double lock rings that give you more control of the handlebar and help prevent hand numbness and fatigue.

They are made with PP and TPR materials, making them suitable for long-lasting use.

User Experience

The overall user experience is good. Many customers praise their durability and ease of installation.

Riders say that the grips allow their hands to remain comfortable and injury-free despite riding long distances.


The product is so affordable. It only goes for $11 on Amazon, which is surprising considering its features.

On top of that, the company offers a 6-month warranty to help you have peace of mind.

What I Like and Dislike

I like that the grips are durable and offer excellent shock absorption. Therefore, your hands won’t be tired even if you ride long distances.

However, the ends are a bit tricky to install, and that’s the only con I could find in this model.

Product Updates

The company doesn’t seem to design many different grip models. This is the only one I could find, but the company might upgrade it in the future.

6 – Schwinn Ergonomic Grip

Schwinn Ergonomic Grip
  • Soft Kraton material cushions the ride. Black body with red or gray accents on the ends.Assorted Pack
  • No slip grip control
  • Fits all standard bicycles
  • Add comfort and added safety with pair of no-slip grips
  • Fits most handlebars

Finally, we have this pair that comes from a well-known company. Although Schwinn is known for their bikes, they also make great grips.

This model has fantastic features hence why it is on our list. It is lightweight and fits perfectly on different handlebars.


They offer great cushioning and include a dual-density design. Their black body with red/gray accents on the ends makes them attractive.

The company uses a soft Kraton material to ensure excellent cushioning while riding. The grips are made using rubber to ensure comfort, durability and support.

User Experience

The company has a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, which tells you that many people loved the experience with this pair.

Many said their hands didn’t feel numb or tired despite riding long distances. Also, customers love that they are high quality, comfortable and offer ergonomic fitment.


The grips go for $11, which is affordable as other models retail above $20 yet have the same features.

They are suitable for budget-conscious people.

What I Like and Dislike

I like that they are durable and offer excellent grip to ride even on rough terrains. I also love that they are very affordable and offer years of service.

However, the installation might be tricky for some people.

Product Updates

Schwinn doesn’t seem to have many grip models. Therefore, this is one of a kind, but I remain hopeful they will offer upgrades.

How To Choose The Best Mountain Bike For Large Hands

Riders have different tastes and preferences when choosing grips. Consider these things to get the right for you:

Do MTB Grips Make a Difference

Yes. You will enjoy maximum comfort and control when riding your bike if you choose the right MTB grips.

MTB grips offer superior control and help you remain sturdy even on rough terrains.

Silicone vs Foam Grips

Foam grips are simple, cheap, and offer excellent vibration damping. But they have no bar end plugs and are hard to get off.

Silicone grips are softer and more comfortable but tend to wear off faster.

Helpful Tips To Know About The Best Mountain Bike Grips For Large Hands

Other than the above factors, you also need to have other tips in mind like;

  • Your Budget – bike grips are available at different prices. So decide how much you are willing to spend.
  • The Brand – some brands are more well known than others. If you value brands, opt for popular ones.
  • Ease of Installation – you don’t want to spend money on grips that will give you a hard time installing them.

Final Thoughts

That marks the end of my review of the best mountain bike grips for large hands.

Since they are all quality and durable models, think of your needs when deciding on the right one for you.

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