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5 Bicycle Handlebar Grips For Arthritis

Bicycle Handlebar Grips For Arthritis

Getting the right bicycle accessories is crucial to protect your joints and make your riding safe and comfortable.

One of the things arthritic hands need is the right handlebar to ensure a natural position of the hand. Today, we look at the best bicycle handlebar grips for arthritis.

The best handlebar grips for arthritic hands are Ergon Bike Grips as they are large enough to prevent you from closing your hand frequently and distributes pressure evenly across your hand’s width. These Y-shaped handlebar grips, also called riser bars, lets you sit tall and reduce the strain from leaning forward.

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Top 5 Best Bike Grips For Arthritis

1 – Best Ergonomic Bicycle Handlebar Grips: (Weanas Bike Handlebar Grips)

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Arthritis makes the hands and wrists sore. Therefore, you may have a tough time riding a bicycle.

However, a new pair of ergonomic grips can help fix the problem and ensure you remain as comfortable as possible when biking.

The Weanas Bike HandleBar Grips stood out in this area. These are designed with durability and a user’s comfort in mind.

They’re suitable for most bicycle grip types and are recommended for those who want to increase their grip.

They are recommended for trekking cyclists thanks to the Gel inserts that reduce fatigue and G2 and ergonomic grips.


The grips are made of high-quality materials like rubber and aluminum alloy. Therefore, users can expect durability with this product.

The manufacturer positions the clamp bolts on the top to increase the lock’s effectiveness and offer excellent grip to cyclists.

Their surfaces are non-slip, and a bit raised to provide superior traction control. I also love that the grip is based on ergonomics to ensure users remain comfortable.

I love that it comes with two locking screws on the side of the bar, making it more stable and durable.

User Experience

These grips have a positive reception in the market. People love that they don’t squeak on the bike.

Additionally, people seem to love their compatibility with many bike models. Overall, they are well rated for their ergonomics, comfort, and ease of installation.

Customers love that they are rubberized to ensure a comfortable grip in any terrain. The grips are also loved because they are sturdy.

Once you fit them tight on the bike handle, they won’t move unless you loosely tighten the screws.


The pricing is fair, considering the impressive features users get. They may not be the cheapest in the market, but their durability, comfort, and support make them a worthwhile investment.

Also, remember that you can get offers on this product in many places.

What I Like and Dislike

There are many things I love about these grips. One is that they offer great value for money.

Additionally, they feature a unique design and provide exceptional comfort.

Their quality construction makes them durable, and on top of this, they feature an extended warranty. You can count on these grips for long rides.

The only issue I found in them is that the design and durability depend on how well you put all parts together.

Product Updates

Weanas doesn’t seem to have other bicycle grips apart from these. So, it’s hard to predict whether the company plans on upgrading these.

However, they have other bicycle items on their product lines like handlebar tape and a cleaning tool set.

2 – Best MTB Grips For Arthritis: (Vktech MTB Bike Handle Grip)

If you are looking for safe and healthy bicycle grips, VKtech Bike Grips are for you.

Aside from protecting users from slipping, they also protect them from bacteria. They are made with antibacterial rubber to protect your skin from bacteria and other microorganisms.

They are suitable for standard bicycle handles. But you can also use them on bigger handlebars with some soap to ensure they properly fit into the small handles.


These grips are made of rubber and come as a single-piece product.

They do not have end caps, meaning individuals use them as they are or can decide to modify them by adding aluminum ends, for example.

The rubber gives excellent grip and still stays durable. It is treated with antibacterial properties to ensure users remain germ-free.

Plus, it can resist wear and comes with a customized anatomix surface which is a bit raised to offer better traction and great control.

The grips are non-slip, easy to install and take off and provide extra comfort. They measure 22.2mm in diameter and are suitable for all types of riding.

User Experience

Many users have a positive experience with this product. Most love the ease of installation and excellent fit offered by these grips.

They also love the price, quality, and how perfectly they snug. They say that the grips helped them enjoy long rides comfortably.

But many recommend that you wear gloves on top since they’re made of hard rubber that can cause blisters.

Some customers love that they offer excellent grip even in the rain without feeling slippery. However, there were complaints about these grips’ durability and shock resistance.


VKTech sells one of the most affordable grips on the market. The price of this model is cheap, which is a surprise considering the features they offer.

Overall, they are worth the money and provide great value for the price. While they will not last forever, they are sold at an affordable cost, making them suitable for budget-conscious individuals.

What I Like and Dislike

There are many desirable things about these grips. For instance, their antibacterial materials make them a unique choice in the market.

Not many manufacturers remember to include this feature on their grips. And those that do sell them at higher prices.

I also loved that the grips offer excellent traction control allowing you to stay as comfortable as possible during your rides.

But I should mention that they are not the most durable grips on the market. So, remember this when buying them.

Product Updates

The product is one of a kind from the VKTech company. The upgrades I have noted on it are in terms of color.

You can find them in red, black and purple. But in all these, the features are the same. So, whether the company will later upgrade the features remains unknown.

3 – Most Comfortable Bicycle Grips: (Topcabin Bicycle Grips)

Topcabin Bicycle Grips
  • Suitable for Bike Handlebars with Outer Diameter between 22-23 mm,Universal for Most Bicycles . Produc Length: 130 mm
  • Perfect Sturdy Plastic Cap to Complete your Bicycle Handlebars
  • Universal Fit - Works with most types of bicycle handlebars (including Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Fixies, or other adult bikes)
  • Basic Bike Handlebar End Plugs , bar end plug
  • BUY WITHOUT WORRY: Each Goods comes with a 12-month warranty and Return and replacement service guarantee(and if it is not damaged by human factors). If you have any dissatisfaction, please contact to our, We will do our best to you Solve the problem and Provide satisfactory service.

Topcabin bicycle grips are made for standard bicycles. They are suitable for everyone, no matter where you plan on using them.

They can fit almost all handlebars, lie mountain bikes, fixies, road bikes, etc. I recommend this pair for people looking for great grips on a budget.

As they come as a complete kit, users will have everything needed to install their new upgrade.

These grips combine visual prestige and manufacturing quality offered by big bicycle grips brands but don’t exaggerate their prices.


Some of the features include a textured surface excellently engineered to offer great traction even when you aren’t wearing your bike gloves on.

The product comes with a sturdy plastic cap and offers a universal fit. So it means you can use it on any bicycle handlebar, provided it has a diameter of 22-33 mm.

The grips measure 13 cm in length and include 2 handlebar end plugs. They have an amazing design and, as with the above models, offer excellent traction and support even on rough terrains.

User Experience

When it comes to reviews, people have mixed opinions. Some love that they are cheap grips excellent for replacement.

Others say that they offer a comfy higher grip when they sit upright. Customers also seem to love the look and feel of these grips and find them excellent additions to their handlebars.

The grips are soft on your hands, ensuring comfort as you ride. However, some users were disappointed by their durability, and others said they looked like grips for a kids’ bike.


In terms of pricing, these grips take the crown home. They are affordable and offer the same features as a high-end model.

Most sellers sell them at $19, depending on where you buy them. If you are tight on budget, I recommend these grips to you.

What I Like and Dislike

What I love most about these grips is that they are safe and comfortable, even on rough trails.

Plus, they have a lock-on system and are affordable despite their quality. I also love that they can fit different handlebars on different bikes and that the manufacturer offers a warranty of 12 months.

But, I think the company needs to improve on the build of the grips as I have seen several complaints about durability.

Product Updates

The product is available in red, blue, and black colors. And so far, these are the only notable updates on these grips.

However, the company might make changes in the features in the future. So, we wait and see.

4 – Ergonomic Mountain Bike Grips: (Schwinn Ergonomic Comfortable Bicycle Grip)

If you are looking for the cheapest and unique grip pairs, this is the best one. Schwinn designs unique grips with affordability and great physical appeal in mind.

The model is suitable for all weather conditions as it features a robust material that can tolerate all climates.


The handlebar grips come with a tri-layer construction and have 3 padding gel sets to offer maximum comfort.

They feature an ergonomic design and are slip-resistant. The design also helps dampen road vibrations, which protects arthritic hands.

The pair can be used on most handlebars without risking slipping. The manufacturer designs the cushions with a soft Kraton material that offers comfort.

They have a black body with red or gray accents on their end.

User Experience

There aren’t many complaints about this model, and users seem to love their experience with this grip.

Many people love that the palm pad removes strain from your wrists, allowing you to ride as comfortably as you can.

People also love that the grips are easy to install and offer an economic fitment. However, some people complained that they felt firmer on their hands.


Pricing is one area that this product excels. These are among the best if you are looking for bike grips under $20. But don’t let the price fool you.

These grips are still high-quality and offer superior protection and comfort like other high-end products.

What I like and Dislike

What I like most about Schwinn grips is that they are cheap. You don’t have to break a bank investing in them.

I also love that they have an extra gel layer to allow a great hold. Additionally, they give a firm grip when you are bicycling and can be used on all trails.

The only issue I have is that the installation may be challenging for beginners.

Product Updates

Schwinn is among the few bike grips companies that designs a range of grips. This pair comes in different colors like pink, black and red.

The company has other upgraded models sold, like the Chrome Chopper Bike Grips Vintage, which have more advanced features than this pair.

Although I can’t tell whether the company will continue upgrading their pairs, the situation looks promising.

5 – Best Foam Handlebar Grips For Arthritis: (Sunlite Road Foam Grip)

Sunlite Road Foam Grip 4 Piece Set, 10 SPD
  • Fits most handlebars
  • 4-piece set
  • Durable, soft foam
  • Includes end plugs

Sunlite isn’t a popular company, but their grips are worth the price. This pair is designed to fit many handlebars and comes as a four-piece set.

They are suitable for long-distance riders who bike on technical terrain as they offer a great propensity for vibration damping.


One notable feature of this product is its durability. The company uses high-quality foam to ensure that you get long-term service from these grips.

The grips are unisex and easy to install. They are lightweight, measuring only 0.1kgs, meaning they won’t be a burden to your hands.

User Experience

Many people love their experience with this product. They receive a 4.5/5 stars rating on Amazon, which is pretty impressive, considering the company isn’t that popular.

People love that they are very comfortable and allow excellent traction. Additionally, customers say they are long-lasting and offer a powerful grip.


The pricing is fantastic. It is sold for around $10, which makes them affordable to many people.

These grips are worth the price, considering the impressive features they have.

Although they have the same features as other high-end models, they are more affordable, hence suitable for budget-conscious people.

What I Like and Dislike

The grips are very impressive. I love that they offer superb comfort when riding. Now, this point is important to arthritic hands as you need to stay as comfortable as possible.

Additionally, I love that while they offer impressive features, they are not overpriced. There aren’t many drawbacks of this product.

But you can view the fact that the company isn’t famous as a con.

Product Updates

Sunlite makes different types of bicycle handlebar grips. However, this is the only foam type I have seen. But I am hopeful that the company will upgrade this product in the future.

How To Choose The Best Bicycle Handlebar Grips for Arthritis

When comparing different bike grips for arthritis, you need to consider several factors to help you find the best one for you. These include:


The market has several styles of grips for arthritis, which have their pros and cons. Popular choices are loved as they can do several tasks at the same time.


While other grips have a large capacity, others have a small capacity. To make the best choice, think of the capacity you’ll need.


Generally, handlebar grips come in various features. Of course, extra features will be more expensive. But if they matter to you, opt for a model that offers them.

Value For Money

Before you buy a pair of bike grips, think about whether they offer value for money.

There’s no need to spend money on a product that won’t make your riding easier. So make sure that you make a worthwhile investment.

Helpful Tips To Know About Bicycle Handlebar Grips For Arthritis

Apart from the above factors, there are other things you need to consider when choosing a pair of bike grips. these are:

  • The Brand – if you prioritize brand above everything else, opt for a popular brand for your peace of mind.
  • Budget – since grips are sold at different prices, you need to decide how much you are willing to spend on a pair.
  • Compounds – grips are available in soft, medium, and hard compounds. Softer compounds offer more grip, but they quickly wear out, while hard ones last for a long time.

Final Thoughts

I have come to the end of my review of the best bicycle handlebar grips for arthritis.

Please remember that these are crucial components as they offer comfort and support when riding.

Therefore, you need to choose a comfortable pair. Bear in mind that you’ll hold onto them when riding.

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