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How Much Do New Bicycle Tires Cost

How Much Do New Bicycle Tires Cost

Bike tires’ working life is measured in miles rather than months. If you rarely ride, your tires may last three to five years, though you should replace them anyway when they last that long because the rubber will eventually break down and lose its integrity. How much do new bicycle tires cost?

New bicycle tires cost between $15 to $90 per wheel depending on the type of bike and tire size you have. The more high-tech and specialized your tires are, the higher the cost because they will last longer. Mountain bike tires cost between $40 to $90, Road bike tires cost $15 to $70, and Commuter tires cost $30 to $40.

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How Much Do Bicycle Tires Cost

Bicycle tires tend to cost roughly the same price regardless of their style. You will often pay less for children’s bike tires, but otherwise, most adult tires are around the same value.

An inexpensive tire can go for as little as $15 even when it’s new, but those tires don’t tend to last, while the most costly tires should last up to three times as long and cost three times more at least.

This is a classic case of ‘you get what you pay for.’

How Much Do Road Bike Tires Cost

Road bike tires tend to be slimmer and more smooth than other varieties, though there’s a trend toward slightly wider tires, even among professional peloton road cyclists.

Good road bike tires last one to three thousand miles, with the high-end models getting a minimum of 2,500 miles. Getting a new road bike tire will cost $15 to $70.

Mountain Bike Tire Cost

Decent-quality mountain bike tires run a little more than other styles because they must be highly durable.

A high-quality MTB tire will last up to seven thousand miles and handle off-road terrain. You should expect to pay at least $40 to $90 when replacing mountain bike tires.

How Much Do New Tubeless Mountain Bike Tires Cost

Getting new tubeless mountain bike tires is not cheap. If you want decent quality, you are looking at $60 to $70 apiece.

However, since MTB riders tend to tackle rugged terrain that may even involve jumps, it’s imperative to have tires to handle the pressure.

Tubeless mountain bike tires are well worth their price. This style doesn’t lose air, and they tend to last a lot longer than their tube-bearing counterparts.

You can ride on a tubeless MTB tire until the treads wear out, which is often three to seven thousand miles. Even if you ride every day, that’s a long life for a bike tire.

How Much Do New BMX Tires Cost

Replacing a BMX tire will run you roughly $20 to $60. However, it’s important to note that you should always replace the tubes as well.

Although this drives up the price for a complete replacement slightly, it will keep you safer and ensure that you have a smoother ride.

Make sure you select the correct type of BMX tires. Some are geared toward racing BMX bikes, while others are made for stunt bikes.

Since these two styles handle different terrain, it’s essential to use the proper, compatible type.

How Much Do New Gravel Tires Cost

Good gravel tires tend to start around $40. It’s important not to skimp when dealing with this style because it could result in a torn sidewall or a nasty accident. No one wants to go down in the gravel.

You don’t need the most expensive gravel tires ever made, but spring for at least the mid-range $40 to $50 tires in this style, so you don’t regret it later.

How Much Do New Hybrid Tires Cost

You might expect that getting new hybrid bike tires is extra expensive. However, you would be wrong.

As it turns out, replacing hybrid tires is typically the least expensive of all the bicycle styles.

You can usually find a decent set of hybrid compatible tires for under $50. Though you can spend more, the quality difference is often negligible.

How Much Do New Commuter Tires Cost

Commuter bikes are made for casual riders. Fortunately, that means you can get away with less expensive tire replacements.

You usually find commuter bike tires for $30 or $40. However, if you want studded tires for your commute, you’re looking at $50 to $200.

If you are riding in frozen conditions, you may need studded tires on your commuter bike.

The steel or carbide studs on the knobbles help grip and give you traction on ice when you’re off-road or on a single track.

The smoother studded tires are for road riding. Unfortunately, neither of these styles will grip fresh snow more effectively because they are strictly for digging into solid ice.

Why Are Bicycle Tires So Expensive

Like every aspect of a bicycle, the tires represent generations of innovation and testing.

Although most tires are made from similar synthetic rubbers, the exact sizes, tread patterns, and other features come from extensive research and development paid for by the manufacturers.

Creating new, better bike tires isn’t cheap.

Once a company creates a new pattern, adds a lining that genuinely works to prevent punctures, or improves on an existing design, they still have to build the tires.

Manufacturing isn’t the highest cost associated with tire making. It’s the R&D, advertising, and shipping that raises the prices.

Plus, any retail shop that stocks tires also needs to mark them up from the wholesale value to make a profit.

How Often Should Bike Tires Be Replaced

It would be best if you replaced any bike tires that are significantly damaged or show signs of too much wear on the tread.

However, different styles have varying working lives. For example, a cheap tire may only last a month or two, so it’s worth buying a better-quality replacement.

High-performance tires built for speed usually need to be changed every thousand miles, though pros who ride hard may need to swap them more often.

A high-end tire will often last up to 2,500 miles before you need to look at trading it for a newer model. If you don’t ride daily, that can mean a tire lasts years.

The longest-lasting and toughest tires tend to be those made for touring because it is a low-speed long-distance cycling style.

An excellent, well-made touring tire can last up to 4,000 miles. That’s more than the length of the United States.

Helpful Tips To Know About How Much New Bicycle Tires Cost

Depending on the style of tires you need, you may be able to find a decent mid-range tire that will suit your needs.

However, the tires are one area of cycling where it’s always worth spending a little more for the quality. After all, you don’t want to blow a tire when you’re far from home or on a busy street.

Here are more helpful tips to know about how much new bicycle tires cost.

  • Racing bike tires don’t last as long as other types because they are under more pressure and generally see more action in a shorter span. Some professional cyclists swap out their racing tires after every practice or race to maintain the best possible speed and traction.
  • You can replace the tires on a child bike for around $15 to $20.
  • Puncture-resistant tires should last 3,000 to 5,000 miles, which is longer than most styles.

Final Thoughts

You can get pretty cheap new bike tires, but it’s not the best plan. The less expensive your tires, the more likely they will come from a company that cut corners in production or outdated stock.

Low-priced bike tires don’t last as long, and they are less durable. Unfortunately, if you want fresh, reliable, well-made bicycle tires, you need to seek out better quality models, and those will cost more.

Good tires are not cheap between the research, marketing, shipping, and resale markups, but they are always worth the investment.

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