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How Long Does It Take To Cycle Five Miles

How Long Does It Take To Cycle Five Miles

Whether you’re a beginner or have been riding for years, you may wonder how long does it take to cycle five miles. Read on to find out exactly what affects this answer.

The time it takes to cycle five miles depends on the fitness level of the rider, the type of bike, the weather, the terrain, and the experience level of the rider all play a role. The average speed a rider does is what determines how long a ride will take and five miles can take anywhere between 15 minutes and 45 minutes, depending on all of these factors.

Cycling is a great way to get outdoors and a great way to get in or stay in shape. A five mile bike ride can take between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on a few factors. For beginners you want to start slow and a five mile ride is the best way to do this. With practice you get faster. For experts, a five mile ride is a warm-up and is the perfect goal for every cyclist to aim for.

Recommended Gear

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SpeedSpeed ComparisonTime
5 mphAverage Jogging Speed1 Hour
10 mphSkateboarder30 min
15 mphElectric Scooter20 min
20 mphOlympic Runners15 min
25 mphJunior Go Karts12 min

How Long Should A 5 Mile Bike Ride Take For A Beginner

On average, a beginner cyclist will ride at speeds between 8 and 10 mph. This means a five mile bike ride will take between 30 and 40 minutes. This will be influenced by the health and fitness level of the person. Even if you are in great health, as a beginner cyclist, you want to start slow, and with practice you will reach faster speeds and a five mile ride will be done in under 15 minutes.

The type of bike you are riding will also affect how fast you ride. Mountain bikes are typically the most common bikes and the average speed you get on these will be around 10 mph. Cruisers are designed to go a little faster and you can ride anywhere between 12 and 15 mph. Touring bikes allow for speeds between 13 and 19 mph while racing bikes let riders go as fast as 17 to 25 mph.

More than just the type of bike, you need to consider the height, weight, and size. Heavier bikes like mountain bikes require more energy to pedal so you will typically go slower.

A bike that is too small will not allow you to move your legs efficiently so your muscles will not power you properly and you will move slower. You need to make sure you have a bike that compliments your size so you can ride at higher speeds if required.

As a beginner, there is always room for improvement and riding properly with a bike that fits and riding often, will get you riding faster. Learn how to efficiently change gears and practice every day to ride faster. Commuting to work is a great way to get practice in every day and in no time, a five mile ride will be your warm-up and will take no time at all.

How Long Should A 5 Mile Bike Ride Take For An Experienced Cyclist

A professional or expert cyclist will be able to reach speeds of between 15 and 25 mph. At these speeds, an experienced cyclist can complete a five mile ride in under 15 minutes.

The same factors that influence a beginner rider will also affect an experienced cyclist. The type of bike, the weather, and the terrain will all play a role. The difference is that an experienced cyclist will be familiar with their bike and know how to ride in the most efficient way.

An experienced cyclist will know how to best use the gears to accommodate any changes in terrain, so shifting will be effortless and cycling will be as efficient as possible.

An experienced cyclist is also likely to prefer one type of bike which they will use regularly and will have learned how to properly fit a bike to their size and weight. These are things that you learn over time and give them an advantage over beginner cyclists.

Is Biking 5 Miles In 15 Minutes Good

To ride five miles in 15 minutes would mean you need to be cycling at 20 mph. You would need to have a fairly open space to do this so you could maintain that speed for the entire time.

Or in some areas, you would be traveling faster than 20 mph to make up time. Either way, this is a speed that beginners will not want to try but experienced riders will consider very easy to do.

To cycle at 20 mph or more for a beginner is a challenge and depending on their fitness level may be dangerous. You do not want to exert yourself or risk an injury.

If your goal as a beginner cyclist is to complete five miles in 15 minutes, then start slowly. Practice every day and in time, you will be able to complete the distance much quicker.

The ideal pace for beginners to tackle a five mile ride is between 8 and 12 mph. More important than speed is having the right bike. Make sure you have a bike you are comfortable with, that is not too heavy, and fits your height and weight.

This will give you the most efficient ride. For experienced cyclists, biking 5 miles in 15 minutes at a speed of 20 mph will feel normal. Although, you should warm-up first and not jump right into cycling so fast at the start of a ride.

Tips To Cycle Five Miles Faster

If you have been able to complete a five mile ride each day with practice, you may be looking to increase the speed at which this is done. There are a few tips to help you increase your speed and complete a five mile ride in 15 minutes.

  • Lose Weight: Losing weight will make a big difference in how fast you cycle. Chances are you are cycling to get fit, and as you shed pounds, you will notice the difference and your speed will increase.
  • The Right Bike: Make sure your bike fits you and is not too heavy. Mountain bikes are typically heavier than touring or racing bikes, so if you are looking for speed, this may not be the best bike to start with.
  • Take Breaks: When trying to increase your cycling speed, do so in intervals. Breaking your end goal into smaller intervals makes them easier to complete. This form of training keeps morale high and gradually trains your body to become more efficient.
  • Pump Up Your Tires: Flat tires will slow you down, so before every ride make sure your tires are pumped to their ideal psi.
  • Riding Style: You can increase speed by reducing resistance. How you ride affects this. Your frontal area creates the most drag when cycling. You want to lower your body closer to the bars so you can slice through any wind. Tucking in your elbows will also reduce resistance.
  • Learn Your Gears: Practice switching gears often, so you can do this effortlessly and more efficiently as you ride.
  • Mind The Weather: If there is any wind, try to be in tailwinds as often as possible as it will give you an extra push and more speed.

Final Thoughts

Cycling is one of the most beneficial activities for your health and is a great way to be outdoors. Whether you are looking to become a pro or just want to stay in shape, it is important to understand the best ways to ride. It is also important to set goals and times to become a more efficient cyclist.

So, how long does it take to cycle five miles? The answer depends on your fitness level, the bike you ride, and your experience level. Five miles for a pro is easy and for beginners is a great place to start training.

The time it takes you to complete five miles will be unique to you, so set a goal that works best for you. Then, grab your gear and your bike and get it done.

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