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Do Mountain Bikes Have Kickstands

Do Mountain Bikes Have Kickstands

Riding a mountain bike with a kickstand can be surprisingly dangerous because trail riding MTBs are made for wooded areas with hazards in the path.

The kickstand makes you more likely to get hung up on something as you ride, which can cause accidents and injuries. Plus, they add weight to the bike. Do mountain bikes have kickstands?

Most mountain bikes do not have kickstands because they are built for the outdoors and does fine when you lay it down or lean it on something when you stop. Kickstands can snag on brush and other debris when riding down trails and cause an accident.

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Why Don’t Mountain Bikes Have Kickstands

Mountain bikes don’t need kickstands for several reasons. First, they can easily catch on anything low to the ground, like vegetation along your ride.

By definition, a mountain bike is made for riding in mountains, and unless there was a very recent fire, your local mountains probably have a lot of grasses, scrub brush, and other vegetation along the trails to catch on.

Anything that suddenly pulls your bicycle to one side is dangerous, especially if you’re going high speed down a hill or trail riding.

Secondly, mountain bikes are heavy enough without adding unnecessary parts. This style of bike has a durable frame, and it is hard to pedal uphill.

By ditching the kickstand, you can lose a half-pound or more off the frame and lightening the load will make your ride easier.

Third, adding a kickstand can do more than snag a bush. If you are in an accident, they can injure you.

As Bicycle To Work says, “This is primarily for mountain bikers, but a real reason why you should be careful riding on a mountain bike with a kickstand. In a crash, a kickstand can be dangerous because it can impale you.”

Finally, a kickstand is convenient, but it’s not necessary. Your mountain bike is durable and leaning it against a tree is a standard way to park.

Plus, you can lay an MTB down if necessary, and they won’t be significantly damaged.

Can You Put A Kickstand On A Mountain Bike

You can put a kickstand on a mountain bike. You can either change the frame or add a removable kickstand, and I do not recommend changing your MTB frame for something as frivolous and unnecessary as a kickstand.

However, using the installable kickstands is an option if you feel you really need one on your bike.

Should You Put A Kickstand On A Mountain Bike

Whether you should put a kickstand on a mountain bike is up to you as an individual rider.

If you ride trails and spend time in nature with your bike, it can be a dangerous decision.

Alternatively, when you’ve paid a lot of money for an expensive lightweight frame or a professional paint job, then you may want to avoid the lay-or-lean parking that is standard for these bicycles.

So long as you understand and accept the risks involved, there’s no reason you shouldn’t add a kickstand to your MTB.

However, it’s worth noting that there are other parking options for this style. I will share all the choices below.

Kickstand For Mountain Bike With Disc Brakes

I recommend the Sataway Adjustable Rear Mount Bicycle Kickstand for Mountain Bike from Amazon if you’ve got disc brakes.

This aluminum alloy stand is lightweight at just fourteen ounces. However, it’s also surprisingly durable.

Plus, the nonslip foot offers a stable base even on smooth surfaces.

One of the best features of the Sataway kickstand is how easy it is to install. This rear mounting stand can be height adjusted to fit most bikes, and the angle will still work to keep your MTB upright.

You can pick one up for your mountain bike when you click right here.

Sataway Bike Kickstand - Adjustable Rear Mount Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Kickstand for Mountain Bike
  • ADJUSTABLE - This bike kickstand Height adjustable, available for 24” 26” 700C 27.5” 28” tire mountain bike,adult bike.
  • STABILIZES - Two points mounting,provides increased stability.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Rear mounting,angle could be adjusted to fit most bikes size.
  • QUALITY - This bicycle kickstand using aluminum alloy material ,light weight,anti rust, strong and durable.
  • NON-SLIP FOOT - Wider foot cover with anti-skidding design to prevent slipping on wet surfaces and sinking in mud.

Best Mountain Bike Kickstand

The best mountain bike kickstand around is the Corki Bike Kickstand. All the problems you can have with a regular kickstand are minimized thanks to the Corki’s design because it is removable and portable.

Better still, this style adjusts for taller than average bikes.

With an excellent nonslip footpad, your bike will sit upright when you need it. When you don’t want to stand your bike up, you can remove the Corki and put it away safely. Learn more about it by clicking here.

Mountain Bike Kickstand Alternative

After reading about the potential problems with a kickstand on your mountain bike, it makes sense to reconsider.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to lean or lay your bike if you’d rather not. Instead, get a folding Bikehand Bicycle Floor Type Parking Rack Stand from Amazon.

This 3.1 kg bike stand is stable and easy to use. You don’t even have to lift your bike to put it in the stand; just push it right in.

Fold it up and ride away again when you’re ready to go. Have a Bikehand delivered to your door when you click here.

Bikehand Bicycle Floor Type Parking Rack Stand
  • Patented SIMPLE PUSH IN DESIGN - Quick & Easy effortless push in system. Unlike other bike stands, which you need to lift the bike and put it into. Our stand's front holder will tilt when you push the bike into the rack. This patented great design will be PERFECT for heavy bikes such as downhill, mountain and beach bikes.
  • MOST STABLE BIKE STAND – There are three points holding on the tires, much better than other stands which have only one or two points holding on the frame, rim, disc rotor and derailleur. The bike's front or rear wheel sitting in the holder is much deeper than others, so it stays firmly in the holder. Plus a stylish dynamic stand base makes the bike impossible to be tilted if you do not push extremely hard onto the bike.
  • FOLDABLE & PORTABLE - A simple one-pull-knob will allow you to fold the stand into a flat shape within a second, saving storage when not in use or carrying it into the car when going riding. Your bikes will never be lying on the ground or leaning against buildings or trees anymore.
  • SUPER DURABLE QUALITY & STUNNING FINISH TO MATCH YOUR BIKE - Heat-treated high-quality steel with a fantastic powder-coated finish. This stand will last forever if used appropriately. FITS NEARLY ALL BIKES: The bike stand will fit almost all bikes ranging from Kids Bikes, 26" to 29" Mountain Bikes, 650c -700c Road Bikes, EXCEPT those bikes with the tires more than 2.5" in width.
  • ORDER NOW, WORRY-FREE! We're so confident about our product quality that we can provide a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Helpful Tips To Know About If Mountain Bikes Have Kickstands

Most mountain bikes do not come with a kickstand because it is more likely to be a burden than a convenience. Moreover, trail riding with a kickstand is dangerous.

Here are more helpful tips to know about if mountain bikes have kickstands.

  • Not all MTB riders spend their time in the woods or near brush. XC and downhill MTB riders, those who stick to paved roads, may find that the addition of a kickstand is a welcome convenience and worth adding a half-pound or more to the frame.
  • Kickstands aren’t always stable. Simply having one doesn’t guarantee your bike will sit up properly. Although the derailleurs are the most likely parts on a bicycle to break, a kickstand is in the top ten.
  • Installing a kickstand for mountain trail riding is not your best choice. The amount of rough terrain and bouncing around will make it more likely to pop open at the wrong time or come loose. Either way, your kickstand could become a significant hazard mid-ride.
  • If you see a bike with no kickstand, it is almost certainly a mountain bike, road bike, or BMX, and you can usually tell the difference based on size. MTBs are generally larger than other kickstand-free bicycles.

Final Thoughts

Deciding to put a kickstand on a mountain bike may seem unimportant, but it can weigh down your bike, cause a crash or seriously injure you.

Especially if you ride a lot of trails, I recommend either skipping the kickstand and taking a tire stand in your backpack instead or choosing a removable kickstand.

For riders who stick to the road, it’s more of an added weight issue so that downhill MTB riders would get the most benefit from the addition.

Not every rider is comfortable with leaning or laying their bike to park it, but remember to consider the risks along with the rewards.

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