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Do I Need Cycling Shorts

Do I Need Cycling Shorts

Wearing the proper attire for cycling is a smart move that can help protect you from injury and overheating. Like all sportswear, cycling shorts are designed and made to help the participant succeed.

For example, they often have a chamois for the extra seat padding. Do you need cycling shorts?

You do need cycling shorts to prevent chafing as you ride. Friction from pedaling combined with sweat and the seams inside most styles of shorts and pants can cause friction burns, rub skin raw and create blisters or bleeding on your inner thighs and groin. If you’re going to get serious about cycling, you’ll want to wear them.

Recommended Gear

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Are Cycling Shorts Necessary

Cycling shorts are not necessary if you are riding in an upright, casual posture on a bicycle with a broad, extra padded seat with shock-absorbing springs.

Beach cruisers and some touring bikes fit in the no-shorts-needed group. However, for everyone else, especially those riding road bikes, a good pair of cycling shorts are indispensable.

Trek Bicycles explained it simply when they said, “The right cycling clothing can be the difference between loving every minute of your ride and counting every minute until it’s over, and your best bet for staying comfortable in the saddle is a great pair of bike shorts. “

Do Cycling Shorts Make A Difference

Cycling shorts make a difference in two crucial ways. First, good cycling shorts help you remain comfortable on long rides, so you don’t end up in pain.

Secondly, cycling shorts are aerodynamic, so they are (literally) helping you use less energy and move through the air with less friction resistance.

I suggest watching this video from Sick Biker. In it, he explains the various benefits and how to get the best bike shorts to fit your needs.

Seeing the parts explained with visual references can help you understand why it makes such a big impact on your ride.

Benefits Of Cycling Shorts

There are plenty of benefits to owning and wearing cycling shorts. After all, most sports clothing exists to fill a specific niche need within the sport, and cycling is a sport whether you ride competitively or not.

Below are the benefits of cycling shorts.

  • Cycling shorts are meant o be worn during physical exertion. The material these shorts are made from can allow air to flow through it, keeping you much cooler as you ride.
  • You can choose between waist shorts and bibs with the overall-like straps based on what is most comfortable for you. Bibs prevent any bunching in the middle while waist shorts look more modern and stand out less.
  • Decent bike shorts should wick away moisture. You are going to sweat while you ride, but you don’t need to feel swampy and gross.
  • Many bicycle shorts come with a built-in chamois. The chamois (pronounced shammy, and rhymes with Sammy) is a padded area where your body touches the bike seat. Especially on long rides, this feature is indispensable for your comfort.
  • Cycling shorts are designed and made so they don’t have any internal seams to rub against your body as you ride. This prevents friction and allows you to move faster without causing pain to your groin and thighs.
  • A good bike short is fitted to your body so it doesn’t create drag or wind resistance as you ride. This allows you to move through the air with less friction which helps increase your speed and decrease the effort it takes to remain in motion.
  • Lastly, having professional quality gear makes you look good. You will be more readily accepted among your peers, and no one will call you a Fred or Doris, which is derogatory slang for someone who doesn’t know how to dress or act while cycling.

Do You Need Padded Shorts For Cycling

You need padded shorts for cycling if you have a smaller saddle with no padding or springs.

These are often found on road bikes, though other styles also sport the less-comfortable, narrow seats.

The chamois helps prevent your bicycle seat from pressing uncomfortably on longer rides.

Even casual riders will quickly discover that riding in padded bike shorts significantly improves how they feel after pedaling for a while.

Can You Cycle In Normal Shorts

There are several ways to approach the question ‘can you cycle in normal shorts?’

First, cycling, especially for fun and health should be accessible to everyone who can pedal and balance, so wear what makes you comfortable.

Some riders, like those on BMX and cruisers, tend to skip right past cycling fashion.

Second, just because you ‘can’ it doesn’t mean you should. Cycling shorts serve several vital functions like making you more aerodynamic and flexing as you pedal so they don’t ride up or wear out.

Skipping out on the proper attire is a little bit like playing basketball while wearing crocs.

Third and finally there is the shorts-over-shorts approach. Cycling shorts offer padding, a seamless inside, and moisture-wicking in addition to their aerodynamic qualities.

If you’re willing to lose the latter, you can put regular shorts on over cycling shorts.

You’ll move slower because of the wind resistance and that means working harder to pedal the same distance, but it may be worth it, especially if you’re commuting to work.

Best Padded Bike Shorts

There’s a difference between having any old pair of cycling shorts and having the best padded bike shorts available.

I recommend the Sponeed Men’s Padded Cycling Shorts from Amazon. With eight colorways to choose from, they will suit any aesthetic, but more importantly, these shorts will help protect you as you ride.

Sponeed shorts are made for indoor and outdoor cycling, so you can take these from your spin class to your work commute with no need to change.

Better still, the anti-slip silicone fabric leg bands don’t ride up as you pedal. Learn all about these superb cycling shorts when you click here.

Sponeed Men's Padded Cycling Shorts
  • Material and maintenance:Men cycling tights with gel padded: 80% polyester & 20% spandex,3D pad with excellent wicking properties,absorb vibrations and impacts,it can prevent discomfort and chafing from long distance MTB or road biking.Please wash under 100 degrees F, Hand washing or machine (Put in mesh laundry bag when washing in a machine).Do not brush or bleach.
  • Sponeed cycling shorts men are designed for professional riding, we select the comfortable and soft high tech material which can best protect the sensitive part while riding. The high elastic fabric provide superior moisture absorption and quick-dry function.Flat lock seams to supports the private protection,reduce the risk of bruising and protect your legs when riding
  • The padded bike shorts padding level is right in that sweet spot,just cushioned enough but not so thick. The surface of the pad is ultra-perforated, making it lightweight, breathable,and help to reduce saddle uncomfortable. Padds breathability to reduce heat and moisture build-up which can cause chafing.
  • Anti-slip silicone fabric leg bands won’t ride up.The waistband is stretchy and comfortable while riding. Flat-lock stitching can reduce edges that can cause areas of discomfort while offering a smoother transition between panels to aid aerodynamics.So that can give you a better cycling experience.
  • The bicycle riding shorts for men with gel padding are best gift for cycling enthusiasts. Biking training, Park Biking, Field cycling, Indoor gym bike.These biking shorts let your skin breath,enjoy your cycling life everywhere. A right cycling short pants can leave you riding comfortably for hours on end.

Helpful Tips To Know If I Need Cycling Shorts

Deciding whether you should wear the correct clothing for a sport seems like a no-brainer. If you can afford good-quality cycling shorts, you should be wearing them. It’s worth the effort to seek out good cycling shorts.

Here are more helpful tips o know if you need cycling shorts.

  • Cycling shorts are made from lycra fabric. This comfortable, smooth material doesn’t create additional drag as you move forward, so it can help you move faster.
  • Some cyclists prefer compression shorts. Fortunately, you can find dual-purpose cycling shorts that are also compression shorts to help improve circulation as you move.
  • Do not wear underwear or anything else under your cycling shorts, or you will negate the benefits.

Final Thoughts

Cycling is a sport, and sports require proper clothing. Not only will you look more professional and dedicated when you put on cycling shorts, but you’ll reap the benefits as well.

Good cycling shorts provide padding, breathability, moisture-wicking, and overall comfort to the rider.

Although you can ride without them, it’s much wiser to invest in cycling shorts, especially if you ride a road bike or another style with a narrow seat.

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