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Can I Use MTB Shoes On A Road Bike

Can I Use MTB Shoes On A Road Bike

Road bike and mountain bike shoes both have cleats, but they are very different sizes and styles. The road bike shoes have larger, more prominent cleats, while MTBs have smaller, low-profile cleats set into the shoe for easier dismounting and walking around.

Mountain bike shoes are more versatile. Can you use MTB shoes on a road bike?

You can use MTB shoes on a road bike; however, it will be challenging to ride an MTB with the much larger cleats of a road bike shoe. The small cleats on a mountain bike shoe are set into the sole, and as a result, they work on virtually any pedal. Additionally, MTB shoes also come in cleat-free styles.

Recommended Gear

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Is It Safe To Use MTB Shoes On A Road Bike

It is safe to use MTB shoes on a road bike. The cleats on the bottom side of a mountain bike shoe are designed to be much smaller, which allows them to be set into the sole of the shoe.

This is a significant advantage for riders who tend to get off their bicycles and walk around. Plus, the cleats don’t wear down as quickly, thanks to their size and position.

There is nothing about how an MTB cleat works that should hinder your pedaling on a road bike. Moreover, not clipping in isn’t dangerous.

Just as riding in regular shoes is safe, you can rest easy if you wear your MTB shoes on a road bike.

Pros & Cons Of Using MTB Shoes On A Road Bike

There are two sides to every coin, or shoe in this case. For example, your MTB shoe isn’t compatible with larger cleats, but the small cleats don’t interfere with walking.

Below I’ve listed the most important pros and cons of using MTB shoes on a road bike.


  • Ability To Walk Mountain bike riders often dismount and walk for a while, but road bikes are meant to go the distance over a paved road all at once. Because of the difference in riding styles, an MTB shoe needs to be comfortable to walk in, so they are more flexible.
  • Durability and Longevity – Thanks to the cleat design, MTB shoes last a long time. There’s no added pressure from the large road bike cleats, and even more important, they are made to be outdoors. Mountain bike shoes are often abrasion-resistant, weatherproof, and UV-resistant.


  • More Weight – Road bike shoes are lighter than MTB shoes in general. If you’re planning to go a significant distance, then every ounce counts.
  • Lost Power – Because your MTB cleats won’t hold a road bike pedal the same way a road bike shoe will, you don’t gain the same advantages. What that means from a practical standpoint is that you aren’t putting as much power into the pedal. You will fatigue a little bit sooner and work harder to travel the same distance.
  • Solid Platform – The bottom of a road bike shoe is solid and stiff. This is an advantage for power output and speed, plus some riders genuinely prefer a rigid sole.

Mountain Bike Shoes vs Road Bike Shoes

Most of the differences between mountain bike shoes versus road bike shoes are easy to spot. For one thing, the road bike cleats are much bigger and stick out below the shoe.

This can make it difficult to walk in road bike shoes. Meanwhile, MTB shoes have relatively tiny cleats sunken into the sole, and they’re comfortable to walk around in.

Your larger road bike cleats attach to the bottom of your shoe with three screws often set in a wide triangle shape.

Alternately mountain bike cleats connect with two smaller closer-set screws. Some mountain bike shoes don’t have cleats at all but rather sport a rubbery sole that is softer and almost sticky so the shape of an MTB’s pedals can dig in and offer traction over varied terrain.

Finally, mountain bike shoes work on any bicycle, though they don’t always offer any particular advantages, but road bike shoes need a road bike pedal to sit correctly.

Check out this excellent video from Two Wheel Cruise. They explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of both types and when to use them.

Best MTB Shoes For Road Bike

Picking the best MTB shoes for a road bike doesn’t need to be complicated. Below are my top two choices for shoes that can go from a mountain bike to a road bike with no problems.

These shoes come from well-established, high-quality, and reliable brands that back their products with good customer service.

1 – Tommaso Vertice Men’s 100 & 200 Mountain Bike Shoes

Tomasso’s Vertice Men’s 100 and 200 Mountain Bike Shoes from Amazon are ideal for MTB or road bike riding.

The inner shank plate helps transfer power to the pedals, and the Vibram sole enables you to keep your grip on the pedals or the ground below.

You can choose between the 100s with a ratchet and velcro closure system and the 200s with only velcro.

Not only does this excellent company offer a hundred percent guarantee on the fit, but they also offer returns and exchanges to get a better fit if you need it.

Plus, Tomasso’s come with a two-year warranty. Learn all about it by clicking here.

Tommaso Vertice Men’s 100 & 200 Mountain Bike Shoes
  • FACTORY DIRECT VALUE: By offering our Tommaso products factory direct, we are able to offer a level of quality and value that the competition can’t touch. 100% Fit Guarantee, 100% Free Fit Returns, 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • OUR MOST CAPABLE MOUNTAIN SHOE: With amazing features like an ultra-rugged, grippy Vibram sole, and a hardened and reinforced toe box, the Vertice 100 is ready for whatever the trail throws at you. No matter the conditions or weather, you can count on the Vertice for amazing grip, stability, and quick drying breathability.
  • QUALITY & PRECISION FIT: Quick & Reliable closure system features 3 ergonomic Velcro straps for the perfect fit every time, adding comfort and security to all of your rides. Please use Size Chart to ensure correct fit. If unsure about your sizing, please match the CM sizing with the shoes you currently wear, as this will offer the best sizing options.
  • COMFORT & PERFORMANCE: Top of the line performance is great, but performance is nothing without comfort. We made the Vertice our most comfortable shoe ever by added tons of extra padding, for a fit that hugs your foot like a glove, while protecting against rocks and other trail hazards. We also added a fully adjustable top strap, to allow for maximum customization to fit perfectly with every rider’s individual needs.
  • GROUNDBREAKING VERSATILITY: The Vertice offers a level of comfort and performance that is hard to find in cycling shoes. Easily add power to every pedal stroke with a hidden inner shank plate, which allows for optimum power transfer without sacrificing comfort. Whether you are riding tough lines in the mountains or commuting on a rainy day, these shoes will give you the performance and grip you need to get it done.

2 – Five Ten Freerider Pro Mountain Bike Shoes

Five Ten Freerider Pros from Amazon are clipless or no-cleat MTB shoes. These synthetic shoes have a medium-flex molded EVA midsole and impact-resistant Poron toe box for comfort and safety.

Meanwhile, the Stealth S1 rubber outsole is textured for excellent grip on mountain bikes or road bikes.

Additionally, Five Tens also dry fast and have Ortholite sock liners. Plus, these shoes’ laces and overall look feel more like a casual sneaker even though it pedals like an MTB shoe.

You may not recognize the Five Ten brand, but you know their parent company, Adidas, for its high-quality sportswear. Get a pair by clicking right here.

Five Ten Freerider Pro Mountain Bike Shoes
  • Full S1 dotty outsole
  • Synthetic and lightweight upper
  • Impact resistant toe box
  • Compression molded EVA midsole
  • Removable Ortholite sock liner

Helpful Tips To Know About Using MTB Shoes On A Road Bike

There’s nothing wrong with using an MTB shoe on your road bike. It is safe to ride with clipless bottoms or shoes with MTB cleat anchors because of the size difference.

Here are more helpful tips to know about using MTB shoes on a road bike.

  • Pedals for an MTB tend to be dual-sided, while road bike pedals are single-sided. However, you can also swap out the road bike-style pedals in just a few minutes if you prefer.
  • If you want a more versatile MTB shoe that fits your road bike pedals, an adapter can convert SPD or mountain bike cleats to SPD-SL or road bike cleats. Unfortunately, since there’s very little demand it can be difficult to find these converters. Most cyclists either change their pedals or their shoes instead.
  • In the winter, a pair of high-topped, waterproof MTB boots will help keep your feet warm and comfortable no matter what kind of bike you ride.

Final Thoughts

You can easily ride a road bike using MTB shoes. The small, set into the sole cleats, or cleatless style of mountain bike shoes can sit on any pedal.

Moreover, an MTB shoe is more flexible and comfortable on your foot and easier to walk in when you’re riding a road bike.

Instead of having a stiff carbon fiber or hard plastic bottom this shoe style is flexible and has plenty of padding to keep you more comfortable on long rides.

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