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5 Best V Brakes For Road Bike

Best V Brakes For Road Bike

Riding road bikes put you into situations with motor vehicles where fast stops are essential for safety. V Brakes provide fast stops with less force needed to make emergency stops and slowdowns on the road.

I’ve prepared a list of the five best V Brakes for road bikes to help you find the safest and best options.

The Shimano XT V Brake, model BR-T610 Deore is the best V Brakes for cyclists who value quality and performance over cost savings. Shimano has a solid reputation for longevity and performance, over other brands. They’re reliable, easy to install, and easy to adjust.

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Are V Brakes Good On A Road Bike

V Brakes are a better option than Cantilever Brakes on a road bike, especially for commuters.

They’re easier to adjust and should be checked every two weeks.

They perform better than Cantilevers in wet conditions and V Bakes require less force and effort to achieve higher braking power.

They’re better for riding in city traffic where fast stops are necessary. V Brakes are less expensive than Disc Brakes and they are lighter.

They’re easy to install and set up, and they enhance performance in muddy conditions.

Top 5 Best V Brakes For Road Bike

1 – Shimano XT V Brake (BR-T610 Deore)

The Shimano Deore V Brake is a rear, X-Type with a thin spacer outside. It’s equipped with an S70C Shoe, 16.0/25 mm Fixing Bolts, and a 90-degree inner cable lead unit, in black.

Outstanding Features

  • Cartridge shoe reduces noise for a quiet ride
  • Exceptional stopping power, even in wet conditions
  • Firm Brake lever
  • Pads have metal backing versus rubber

User Reviews

Users rate Shimano Deore V Brake with five out of five stars. A recent July 2022 review comments that they’re the “best brakes out there.”

The fast-stopping ability is powerful enough to launch you over the handlebars.

Price Comparison To Other Models And Brands

The price is $28.95 to $32.99 for the Shimano brand. Tektro V-brakes cost between $9.99 to $14.99.

The Shimano BRT 4000 model for the front is $12.99. Cheaper options are available.

What I Like

  • High-performance V brake
  • Advanced technology for easy braking control
  • Durable and reliable
  • Proven technology

What I don’t like

  • It is expensive. It’s nearly double some comparable V-brake brands, yet, a high-quality brake with a value worth the cost.
  • Grabby brakes can pitch you over the handlebars.
  • High performance: advanced technology for easy control. Tough, proven technology delivers durability and reliability.


This model was released on June 15, 2021. No updates have been made to the new model yet.

The V brake features the latest advanced technologies.

2 – Hmseng Complete Bike Brake Set

Hmseng Complete Bike Brake Set
  • 【You will get:】 You will get 2 Pairs V-Type Brakes, 2pcs Brake Cables Wire, 4 pcs Cable End Caps, 2pcs Bike Brake Levers.
  • 【 Brake Cables length: 】 Brake cables is Rear: 68.8inch(175cm), Front: 29inch(75cm). Brake pipe cables is Rear: 61inch(155cm) , Front:22inch(55cm).
  • 【Material Details:】 Durable aluminium alloy and plastic and rubber for the bike brake set, they are very strong and with resistance to cold, heat and oxidation. and it is not easy to out of the shape, meanwhlie the brake cable is with black PU pipem, so it can make the cable more durable.
  • 【How to Install:】 To Install the brake to the bike first, (Holes correspond to holes), then, the brake cables pass brake wire tube. and fix the position of wire tube, then Fix the brake line on the bolt. and install the brake caps. to adjust the length and distance and position of the brake tube, and fix the brake line well.
  • 【Note:】 Please kindly confirm if the back wheels of your bike has the hole for the bike brake.before you order it , if you have any question, please kindly email us, we will reply you within 24hours.

Hmseng offers a complete universal V-type brake set for bikes at a reasonable price with everything needed to replace your current brakes for road bikes and other styles.

Durable materials ensure long wear with easy-to-install brakes and simplified instructions to follow.

Outstanding Features

  • 2 pairs of V-type brakes for front and back with all accessories for total front and back bike brake replacements for upgrading your road bike.
  • Durable aluminum alloy with rubber and strong plastic components
  • Parts are resistant to oxidation, cold, and heat extremes
  • Customer service experts available to help confirm compatibility at the time of order. Variations are available to achieve a perfect fit, with email responses for questions.
  • Affordable price is a value for the cost of a quality product.

User Reviews

Consumers rate these V Brakes with a 4.1 out of a 5-stars score. It’s a good quality that installs easily, even for novices.

Most report that the brakes work well with most bikes with easy adjustment.

Performance is not top-notch, but acceptable. Installation requires minimal tools.

Overall good product with a mix of 5-star ratings from 53% of reviews, and only 14% negative reviews from 116 global ratings.

Price Comparison To Other Models And Brands

Hmseng’s complete V Brake replacement set is $20.99. It’s a value compared to the cost of one brake for the rear from top brands like Shimano.

Prices of other brands are higher for a single brake. Hmseng provides more for the money with above-average consumer ratings for quality.

What I Like

  • Complete front and back Road Bike V-Brake replacement set
  • Easy for beginners to install
  • Easy to adjust brakes after installation
  • Resistant to temperature extremes and oxidation for longevity
  • Excellent choice for good quality V Brakes at a budget price

What I Dislike

  • Some report too much flex in the levers
  • Quality is not on par with Shimano brakes


These V Brakes became available on October 28, 2021. No updates or upgrades have been made to the model, although they could benefit from the replacement of the plastic components with metal.

3 – Rujoi Bike V Brake Set

Rujoi Bike V Brake Set
  • ✅Bike V-Brake Kit : The Package Contaion V-Brake Kit with 4 Pcs V brake pad ,2 sets of bolt screws.
  • ✅Strong Brake Arm Size : 110mm long Aluminum Alloy, Durable and Reliable.Fit with most V-Bike Bicycle Installation
  • ✅Brake Arm tension adjustable : Easy adjust tension of Brke Arch in Spring inside by putting in the correct position of Frame/Fork
  • ✅Excellent V-Brake Brake pads : The 55mm Rubber Pads comply with EN14766, significantly reduce stopping distance smoothly ,no noise
  • ✅Perfect Bicycle Brake replacement : The brakes set fit for most V brakes Type bike brake parts upgrade

The Rujoi Bike V Brakes set is a kit that contains a replacement set in a universal model that fits most V brakes to upgrade brake systems.

It enhances safety by replacing old worn brakes with fast-stopping V brakes.

Outstanding Features

  • Strong alloy hex nuts for durability and reliable performance
  • Choice of three qualities of the basic, medium, and high class for enhanced brake pad thickness and smooth, silent stopping with smooth brake responses.
  • Universal bicycle brake replacement for V brakes that fit most bike types for upgrading.
  • Easy to install brakes and adjust brake tension arch.
  • Above average quality rating.

User Reviews

Users who purchased and used Rujoi bike V Brakes give it a 4.3 of 5 stars for quality, dependability, and ease of installation and use.

Sixty-six percent of reviews are 5-star for perfect reviews of customer satisfaction.

Some noted that they prefer them to disc brakes for their smooth and fast stopping power. Reliable and dependable V-brakes.

Price Comparison To Other Models And Brands

This V Brake set costs $12.99. It’s a solid value for above-average quality brakes with high consumer reviews.

The two-brake set is comparable to the Chooee Mountain Bike Linear V-Brake Set Front and Rear for the same price.

It’s less expensive than Shimano or Hmseng with higher marks for consumer satisfaction than Hmseng.

What I Like

  • Universal set of 2 brakes that fit most road bikes and other types.
  • Easy to install and adjust brakes.
  • Best budget brakes with quality components and long wear.
  • Upgrades old brakes and enhances safety for riders

What I Dislike

  • Some buyers did not receive installation instructions with their purchase
  • May not fit some bikes. Check the specs before you order. Not truly universal according to some buyers.


This product was released on March 15, 2019. It’s equipped with a cooling hole to dissipate heat in the brake pads, It’s state-of-the-art technology with no known advertised updates since its release.

4 – TEKTRO M530 Linear Pull Brake

TEKTRO M530 Linear Pull Brake
  • 102mm arm length
  • 158g per pair
  • sport type: Cycling

Tektro M530 Linear Pull Brakes are quality replacement V brakes for road bikes and other types.

They provide smooth braking for immediate stops. They’re an upgrade for old road bike brakes to enhance safety and performance with easy installation and adjustment.

Outstanding Features

  • Brazed-on Posts type mount.
  • Forged aluminum for strength and resistance to oxidization
  • Universal, neither front nor rear specific.
  • Micro-adjust linear springs for easy adjustment with pads included.
  • Available in black or silver anodized colors and lightweight.

User Reviews

Seventy-three percent of consumers reviewing this product give it a 5 out of 5-star rating for quality, performance, and reliability.

The overall score is 4.5 of 5. They comment that it’s an exceptional replacement set that instantly upgrades old bike brakes with a sturdy, high-quality feel.

The brakes are more robust than some other brands. Every part needed for brake replacement is included in the package except for the minimum required tools.

Price Comparison To Other Models And Brands

This V Brake model costs $19.99. It’s a value over Shimano with a lower price for two brakes versus up to $32 for a single brake.

The quality is comparable, but Shimano has a solid reputation that is difficult for competitors to match in public opinion.

What I Like

  • Tektro is a trusted brand, reputed for high-quality.
  • Complete sets come with all replacement parts including brake pads. It’s an exceptional value for the cost.
  • Tektro upgrades OEM brakes instantly
  • Easy installation and adjustment

What I DisLike

  • Does not fit all bike models. Check the specifications for compatibility before you buy.


Tektro has issued no update news on this model since its release on November 8, 2011.

5 – Chooee Linear V-Brake Set

Chooee Linear V-Brake Set
  • Upgraded bicycle brake pads,Spring tension adjustable.
  • Lightweight rim brakes give more stopping power.
  • Arch size:110mm,Brake Pads Size:70mm.
  • Includes 1 pair mountain bike brakes & noodles ,boots,screws.compatible with both front/rear
  • 12-month warranty for V brakes

Chooee is a trusted name in V Brakes for bicycles. These lightweight V brakes include front and rear, noodles, and boot screws.

They’re compatible with the front or rear. The arch size is 110 mm with a pad size of 70 mm.

Outstanding Features

  • 12-month warranty
  • Lightweight for more stopping force
  • Set of two brakes with pads
  • High-quality native rubber construction for the durability of pads with no skid and no-noise
  • Universal design for Mountain bikes or Road bikes

User Reviews

Consumers who purchased the Chooee Mountain front and rear V Brake set, give it a 4.3 of 5-star rating for its overall quality and performance.

Sixty-four percent of reviewers gave a perfect five-star rating. Some commented that the brakes are easy to install, highly responsive, and reliable for making fast stops.

Price Comparison To Other Models And Brands

The price of Chooee Mountain V Brakes is $12.99 per pair. It’s a solid value for brakes guaranteed to work flawlessly for at least one year.

When compared to other brands, these V-breaks are similar in cost and value to the Rujoi brand.

They’re a less-expensive alternative to Shimano and Hmseng, which are nearly double the cost.

What I Like

  • Positive consumer reviews for reliability and responsiveness.
  • An exceptional value for the price when compared to other brands.
  • The company updates and upgrades the materials of its products to improve performance.
  • Skid-resistant pads are safer for avoiding accidents.

What I Dislike

  • Narrow handles may not fit universally. Check the compatibility of specs before you buy.


This model was released on December 30, 2019. It has since received an upgrade in the brake pads for enhanced durability and stopping power.

How To Choose The Best V Brakes For Road Bike

1 – Compatibility With The Brake Levers And Calipers

Make certain that the V Brakes you choose are compatible with the type of brake levers and calipers on the bike.

An option is mini V-brakes featuring shorter caliper arms.

2 – Insist On Quality

Quality is an essential consideration for choosing V Brakes for road bikes. Your safety depends on the reliability of the brakes.

Cheap brakes may be okay, but they wear out faster and can fail without warning. Pay attention to the quality of materials and brand reputation.

3 – Choose V Brakes With Outstanding Features

Not all V Brakes are created equally. Some come with additional features that make them better than other brands or models.

Read the specifications and compare before you buy.

4 – Check For Updated Versions Of V Brakes Within The Brand

Some V Brake models feature new updates that improve the quality, performance, ease of use, and longevity.

5 – Compare Prices And Consumer Reviews

You can get the best deal on V Brakes without sacrificing quality. Compare prices, and consumer reviews to learn if the product is a value for the cost.

Expensive isn’t always the best, nor are cheap prices unreliable.

Helpful Tips To Know About The Best V Brakes For Road Bike

Even the best V Brakes have advantages and disadvantages.

There are things to consider before you buy new brakes for your road bike to get the right model to fit your bike, and suit your personal preferences in cost and performance.

Here are a few tips to help you make your decision before you buy V Brakes:

  • Read consumer reviews before you buy. They can give you tips on the benefits and drawbacks of the different brands and models for sale.
  • Compare the quality, customer satisfaction, and price before you buy. The most expensive V Brake is not necessarily the best. Neither is the cheapest priced model.
  • V-brakes need to be inspected for damage and adjusted every two weeks for daily riders. When brake pads become worn, replace them with a reliable and compatible brand with excellent reviews.

Final Thoughts

V Brakes are becoming a more popular choice for enhancing performance and safety for road bikes.

There’s a new school of thought and opinion on V Brakes vs. Disc Brakes that supports installing V-brakes on road bikes used by commuters.

Stopping power is better, and some brands offer universal V-brakes that fit most bike types. It’s wise to check the compatibility of a product before you buy.

I researched the best V Brakes for road bikes by comparing consumer reviews, product specifications, value for cost, and quality of materials and construction, to build a list of the five best V brakes for road bikes on the market today.

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