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3 Best Shoes For Cycling Without Clips

Best Shoes For Cycling Without Clips

Cycling shoes may seem frivolous to the uninitiated, but a good pair can increase your power output by up to ten percent regardless of the style. A well-fitted, purpose-built shoe can change the way you ride.

Every cyclist has their favorite fit, but I recommend clipless cycling shoes unless you are racing or you otherwise need cleats. What is the best shoe for cycling without clips?

The best shoe for cycling without clips should fit snugly, with no rubbing on your feet and no slippage on your pedals. Hold is everything for cycling shoes both inside and out. Your closure style, the internal fabric, and even the pattern on the sole will impact how your feet interact with anything they touch, so you need fitted grippy shoes.

Recommended Gear

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Top 2 Best Shoes For Cycling Without Clips

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing your ideal cycling shoe. For example, do they fit well out of the box, and are they durable?

My top two best shoes for cycling without clips check every box. These shoes are great for any ride at any time.

1 – Santic Cycling Unlocked Road Biking Lock Shoes

For those who prefer a flat clipless sole and want the firmness that a more traditional cycling shoe provides, there’s no better match than the Santic Cycling Unlocked Road Biking Lock Shoes from Amazon.

TPU soles give you optimum stiffness and power output. Meanwhile, the ventilated PU upper is super durable and available in ten different colorways to suit any riders’ style.

You will love the support and grip you get from the thickened heel cup. Additionally, the velcro and ratchet closure system helps hold your foot securely while pedaling. Get yours by clicking here.

Santic Cycling Unlocked Road Biking Lock Shoes
  • No need to change shoes-- This Unlocked Cycling shoes has a raised rubber block in the forefoot area for stable performance conversion. Increases the comfort of pedaling and the non-slip wear while providing the functionality of riding and walking.
  • Elastic nylon Velcro-- In order to make your feet always maintain a good condition ,the superior elastic nylon velcro are used to making the dimension of those mountain bike shoes easy to be adjusted. Suitable for different height and shape of insteps.
  • Superior adjustable lock catch-- In order to make your feet always maintain a good condition ,the superior adjustable lock catch are used to making the dimension of those mountain bike shoes easy to be adjusted. Suitable for different height and shape of insteps.
  • Stable Foot Support-- This Self-Locking Shoes has a highly tapered heel cup on the heel. This design enhances the stability of the Self-Locking Shoes.
  • Lifetime Breakage Warranty-- In case any broken problem happens, contact the seller of Santic without hesitation to solve the problem until satisfaction. Santic provides lifetime after sale service for all Santic products.

2 – Five Ten Men’s Clipless Kestrel Lace Mountain Bike Shoes

Riders who want a purpose-built, high-quality cycling shoe that wears more like a sneaker without giving up the benefits of either style will love the Five Ten Men’s Clipless Kestrel Lace Mountain Bike Shoes.

These incredible outdoor cycling shoes are made for clipless pedal compatibility with a seriously grippy sole that you can dismount and walk around in comfortably.

Plus, Five Ten is a shoe brand from Adidas, a loved and trusted name in sportswear, and it shows.

The rubber sole on Kestrels gives you more flexibility and comfort so that you can ride all day.

Best of all, the fast-drying synthetic upper on these sweet cycling shoes will help keep your feet from staying wet even if you get caught out in the rain. Grab a pair for your next ride by clicking here.

Five Ten Men's Kestrel Lace Mountain Bike Shoes
  • All-mountain biking shoes
  • Compatible with clipless pedals
  • Fast-drying synthetic upper
  • Durable lightweight EVA midsole, Clipless design; Stiff carbon-infused nylon shank

Best Shoes For Indoor Cycling Without Clips

Indoor cycling is typically intended for fitness and health rather than racing, travel, or leisure.

From pedaling classes to home bikes, flat pedals are more popular than ever, which means you need the best shoes for cycling indoors without clips. I’ve got you covered.

The shoes below are the most comfortable and fitted right out of the box, reliable and durable option around.

1 – Tommaso Strada 200s

Tomasso Strada 200’s from Amazon are the shoes you need for all your indoor biking. The moisture-wicking breathable liner combines with ventilation ports to keep your feet cool as you give it your best.

Plus, Tommaso prides itself on being a US company with superb after-market support for its products.

The only downside o these shoes is secretly an advantage. Pay close attention when ordering because basic Strada 200’s are clipless.

Still, they’re also available in SPD and Delta cleat compatible styles so that you can wear Tomassos on any ride regardless of the pedal style.

Learn all about this superb brand and its versatile cycling shoes when you click here.

Tommaso Strada 200s
  • QUALITY CYCLING PRODUCTS SINCE 1985: Our Italian designed cycling shoes, bicycle, and cycling products have made riders look like pros since '85. But we're more than just fancy gear, we're a community. Our cycling-crazed customer service team in Denver can help with any questions or concerns. Plus, our Lifetime Warranty Replacement Promise means you can put our gear to the test with unrelenting confidence. We hope that you will Join The Ride, for fun, fitness, and community.
  • DESIGNED FOR YOUR BEST RIDE: Get ready for your best ride yet with the Strada shoes. Engineered to perform both indoors and outdoors, these shoes are universally compatible with all cleat types, whether you're spinning or road racing. Having the right gear matters for performance, so these shoes let you pick your favorite pedals and get equipped to bring out your best. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Strada shoes are designed to make you feel great every time you ride.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Looking for cycling shoes that can handle any challenge you throw their way? Then our tough and durable Strada cycling shoes are for you. These shoes are built to last, with reinforced soles and sturdy construction that provide maximum support, stability, and power transfer. Breathable, moisture-wicking materials ensure that your feet stay cool and dry during even the most intense rides. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, the Strada can step your game up.
  • STAY DRY & COMFORTABLE: We all agree shoes need to be comfortable and breathable.. The challenge is providing both, while also maximizing performance whether you ride indoors our outdoors. This intersection is where the Strada excels, offering insane breathability, great padding, and a super stiff carbon fiber infused sole. Perfect for casual rider and fitness junkies alike, because we believe everyone every man deserves high performance cycling shoes that will last a lifetime at a fair price.
  • PERFORMANCE MATTERS: Every part of the Strada 200 was designed with you in mind. The quick and easy 2-strap + buckle design has you secure and comfortable in no time, while locking your heel in and avoiding hotspots and pressure points. The stiff carbon fiber infused sole will protect your feet, while give you better performance, so you can sweat out the troubles of the day, while maximizing engagement of your leg muscles. So trust Tommaso and let us help you crush your fitness goals!

Complete Buyers Guide For The Best Shoes For Cycling Without Clips

Finding the perfect cycling shoes without clips can be a challenge if you’re unsure where to start. Some aspects are personal, like how much arch support you need or your colorway choices.

Meanwhile, other considerations are practical, like how your heel fits and what style to wear indoors versus outside. There are a million options, and only some are worth wearing.

Before buying your next pair of cycling shoes, bookmark this complete buyer’s guide. I will show you what to look for so you get the right fit and style.

Plus, I also discuss what to check out so you pick up a durable, high-quality cycling shoe that will help your energy output while keeping your feet comfortable.

1 – Indoor & Outdoor Cycling Shoes

Indoor cycling shoes tend to be slightly heavier than their outdoor companions.

Although many modern cycling shoes are hybrid styles meant for indoor and outdoor cycling, with clip compatibility but no attached treads, the separate classic types still exist.

Outdoor cycling shoes are often lighter because of the soles, which are rubber as compared to stiffer hard plastic on indoor shoes.

Another significant difference is that the outdoor shoes are made to handle weather and sunshine.

Most indoor cycling shoes lack UV protection, they may fade easier, and they don’t need to be especially warm or waterproof. After all, a spin class or Peleton ride isn’t going to catch you out in the rain.

2 – Closure Style

There are three options for shoe closure on cycling shoes. Which one you use depends on how you like your shoes to stay shut, whether you need to adjust closures on the move, and your style.

More traditional cycling shoes tend to have ratchet closures. These look like velcro straps with a buckle, but they lack the velcro rip texture. Instead, the ‘buckle’ is a small ratchet designed to pull shut and secure the strap, so it stays put no matter what happens.

The advantage is that you can also easily loosen a ratchet as you pedal.

Velcro is velcro and needs no explanation. This style looks very similar to the straps you see on children’s shoes but may be combined with a top ratchet strap or used as a ratchet-free top strap over a laced shoe.

The best thing about velcro is that it opens and closes easily on the go, so it’s the best for adjustability and accessibility.

Similarly, you probably know precisely what shoelaces are and how they work. The downside to shoelaces is that they can’t be easily adjusted on the go, and if they come loose, they can catch in your chain and cause an accident.

If you don’t know the trick for shoe tying that never comes untied accidentally, please check out this video. It’s a simple trick (not a double knot) that works like a charm and can save you from an injury.

3 – Secure Heel Fit

Some cycling shoes use a one-way fabric designed to let your foot slide in easily, but then the fibers help keep your foot in place.

Unfortunately, the technology isn’t universal, so your best bet is to find a good, padded fit.

Your ankle slides more easily in low-topped styles, and shoes can come flying off or rub a nasty blister if your ankle moves around in them.

4 – Can You Upgrade To Clips In The Same Style

I prefer and recommend clipless shoes. However, if you plan to race in the future, or you’re new to cycling and may want to move over to clippies at some point, then finding a brand that makes the identical shoe in both styles is a significant advantage.

Knowing you like the fit and feel of a shoe already means no worries about testing different models. While this won’t matter to every rider, be sure to check if it might help you find the best cycling shoes.

5 – Style

Style is always highly personal. Moreover, not every cyclist cares what their shoes look like, so long as the fit and function are good.

That said, I always suggest picking up cycling shoes that make you feel confident and in control, whatever that looks like for you.

6 – Upper

If you ride indoors, the major concerns for your shoe uppers are color and durability. Though both qualities are necessary for an outdoor clipless cycling shoe, you need more.

Namely, outdoor shoes should have waterproofing or ventilation depending on the weather, season, and region where you cycle.

You may also want to see if the shoes you’re considering have any abrasion resistance or UV protection because they’ll last longer on rough trails and sunny days that way.

7 – Toe Box

Always look for a protected toe box. Clippies or cycling shoes with cleats, especially those for indoor only use, don’t tend to have any toe damage issues since you’re held in place and your shoes only touch the clips and pedals.

Alternately, outdoor, off-road, trail, downhill, stunt, road, cross country, touring, and leisure riders will be more likely to dismount or get hit in the feet by low to the ground objects or debris.

A reinforced toe box can save you from broken toes.

8 – Comfort Padding

Many cyclists enjoy a firm, even stiff shoe. Nevertheless, you should always check the comfort padding on the inside.

You don’t want to have sore soles at the end of your ride, so select a level of internal padding that suits you.

9 – Arch Support

Padding helps keep your whole foot comfortable, but it’s not the same thing as arch support.

Particularly if you have unusual arches, high or low, it would be best to find out how the arch support is on clipless cycling shoes before you buy them.

Just because the pedal sits in the middle of your foot doesn’t mean you should skip the shoe ergonomics.

10 – Durability

Last but never least, please check the reviews to see if your selected no clip cycling shoes are durable. No one wants to buy hoes that fall apart or rip at the bends as soon as you wear them.

By taking a couple of minutes to find out what current active users have to say, it’s easy to discover whether your new shoes will last.

If you treat them well, your shoes for cycling without clips should last several years or several thousand miles.

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