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Best Mountain Bike For Short Female

Best Mountain Bike For Short Female

The most common size mountain bike tire is 27.5″, but for a short female rider, 26″ or 24″ can make for a more comfortable ride.

Typically bike sizes are listed by the frame size or tire size. You’ll find sizes listed as XS-XXL or 20″-29″. What is the best mountain bike for a short female?

The best mountain bike for a short female is the Hiland GAMILLE 300 that comes in a small or XS size with 26 inch tires. Depending on whether you ride Cross Country (XC), Downhill (DH), Enduro (All Mountain), or Trail, the perfect bike model will vary, but the overall wheel and frame size will have similar statistics.

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Top 3 Best Mountain Bikes For Short Female

After checking out hundreds of mountain bikes for short women, I have narrowed it down to the top three best mountain bikes for short women.

These MTBs have 24″ or 26″ wheels and frames designed for female riders. If you don’t know why that matters, no worries.

I’ll cover that in the Buyers Guide below. Any one of these three superb mountain bikes will fit a short female rider and offer outstanding handling.

1 – Hiland GAMILLE 300 26-inch Aluminum Mountain Bike

A Hiland GAMILLE 300 from Amazon is my top pick for a short female. The toptube is curved downward giving this bike a lower standover height.

Plus, the lockout suspension fork is easy to use, so you don’t have to waste any extra effort on smooth stretches.

Although this bike comes in two sizes, the 26-inch wheel suits riders between 5’1″ & 5’6″.

Additionally, the dual disc brakes give you incredible stopping power and dissipate heat quickly and easily. Get your GAMILLE when you click here.

Hiland Aluminum Mountain Bike - Lock-Out Suspension Fork, 21 Speeds 26/27.5 Inch with Dual Disc Brake
  • 【High Tech Frame】Hiland GAMILLE 300 has a durable,ultralight and preservative aluminum frame which is perfect for exploring mountain trails in safety and comfort. This design for lower standover height allows shorter riders and women to straddle their bike more easily.
  • 【Brake&Shifter】Dual mechanical disc brakes provide you better durability and stopping power even in rainday. 21 Speed- drivetrain provides precise and quick shifting. A wide range of gears give you more control for climbing, descents and corners to enjoy riding.
  • 【Lock-Out Fork】Front suspension fork absorbs any bumps and dips encountered on your path. When ride on flat road,you can lock suspension fork to reduce absorbing pedaling power. It's not only saves about 20% energy, but also increase pedal efficiency and speed.
  • 【Tire&Saddle】26 inch suits riders between 5'3" & 6'1". The tires are made of non-slip and explosion-proof materials. It has strong grip and puncture resistance. Wide bike seats for women comfort is adjustable, breath and no-slip.
  • 【Assembly Guide】85% pre-assembled, assembly tools included, easy to assemble with in 25 minutes. We have assembly video on the product page.If you have questions about bicycles, please contact us and we will give you answers & solutions.

2 – Huffy Stone Mountain Women’s 26-inch Mountain Bike

The Huffy Stone Mountain Women’s Mountain Bike is a twenty-one-speed bike made for riders at least five feet tall. You’ll love the Kraton grips and Knobby tires for control on the trail or the road.

Better still, a top-quality indexed Shimano rear derailleur with a removable guard offers excellent, smooth shifting for any trail.

Huffy is a well-known and trusted name in bikes that has been around for a hundred and twenty-five years.

You’ll get a Huffy-standard limited lifetime warranty on this excellent women’s’ mountain bike. Have yours delivered by clicking here.

Huffy Stone Mountain Women's Mountain Bike - 26-inch
  • Assembly tutorial video located beside the images; with a charcoal gloss hardtail frame and 21 speeds to conquer the trails, the Stone Mountain is ready for outdoor adventures; just follow the steps in our product manual
  • An exclusive: Ideal for ages 13 and up and a minimum rider height of 5 feet; durable steel frame backed by our limited lifetime warranty (see owner's manual); suspension fork handles bumps and dips for a smoother-feeling ride
  • The indexed Shimano rear derailleur combines with the micro-shift twist shifter to deliver 21 speeds on-demand for uphill climbing, downhill riding, or pure acceleration; removable rear derailleur guard ensures consistent gear operation
  • Knobby tires tear into dirt bike paths with ease; linear pull hand brakes deliver consistent stopping action; premium padded ATB saddle has stitched sides for lasting quality; alloy quick release provides easy seat height adjustment
  • Kraton grips are comfortable to the touch; alloy wheels in matte black; kickstand included

3 – Mongoose Maxim 24-inch Mountain Bike

For riders seeking a bike that will suit a female under five feet tall, the Mongoose Maxim 24-inch Mountain Bike is perfect.

Although this smaller frame is sold as a girls’ bike, this rugged, durable suspension frame bike has all the power of larger Maxim Mongoose models and can keep up with much bigger bikes.

Not only is the tectonic aluminum frame lightweight, but it can fit riders as short as 4’8″.

This diminutive bike can take on any mountain with Element racing shocks and Knobby tires.

Best of all, the Shimano twenty-one-speed gear setup is smooth, allowing you to take on whatever terrain the trail throws at you. To learn more about the Mongoose Maxim, click here.

Mongoose Maxim Girls Mountain Bike - 24-Inch Wheels, Aluminum Frame, 21-Speed Drivetrain
  • Aluminum full suspension mountain frame maximizes comfort and performance. 24-inch wheels fit riders ages 8 and up, or 4’8” to 5’6”
  • Suspension fork smooths out bumps and increases control
  • SRAM twisth shifters change gears easily. 21 speeds with Shimano rear derailleur is great for all types of riding
  • Linear pull brakes deliver great braking power
  • 3 piece crank provide sure shifts. Alloy rims offer lightweight durability

Complete Buyers Guide For The Best Mountain Bike For Short Female

Getting the right mountain bike size is vital for a shorter female. Mountain biking is a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous.

While all bikes go fast, a downhill slope on a mountain can easily hit peak speeds upwards of thirty miles per hour, so you don’t want to crash. Having the correct bicycle size helps a rider maintain control.

There are plenty of factors to consider when buying the best mountain bike.

Below is a simple chart I’ve created to give you a good idea of the overall bike size for various heights and inseams and a complete buyer’s guide to find your ideal mountain bike.

Mountain Bike Sizes By Inseam & Height

InseamHeightBike Size
27″ or less4′10″ to 5’2″XS / Extra Small
27″ to 29″5’2″ to 5’6″S / Small
29″ to 31″5’6″ to 5’10”M / Medium
31″ to 33″5″10″ to 6′1″L / Large
33″ to 35″6′1″ to 6’4″XL / Extra Large
35″ or more6’4″ to 6’6″XXL

Buyers Guide

Before you shop around for your ideal bike, it’s vital to know what to look for. This complete buyers guide will help you shop like a pro, even if it’s your first bicycle, so you don’t end up with the wrong bike size.

The right fit and features can make all the difference between an enjoyable new hobby and an expensive disaster.

1 – Why Height & Inseam Matter

Your height directly affects how large your tires and wheels should be. Since height generally correlates to your arm length, that means shorter riders have a different rise on their handlebars.

Proper rise and body positioning are the difference between a comfortable ride and pain, or potentially a stress injury from bad posture.

Meanwhile, your inseam determines the rise on your bike saddle. While sitting on an MTB, your toes should touch the ground, not your flat feet.

Getting the correct size can change the ride, maneuverability, and control you have over your bicycle, plus it affects your comfort level.

2 – What’s Your Style (Four Styles of MTB)

Think about where and how you plan to ride before you even start looking for the best MTB.

Choose which of the four styles, Cross Country (XC), Downhill (DH), Enduro (All Mountain), or Trail, is best for you. Then search only for that type of mountain bike.

3 – Choosing A High-Quality Brand

Even in the world of bicycles, there are knockoffs. Fortunately, picking a reliable brand is easy.

Forget what you know about big names and go straight to the comments and reviews where real people riding the bikes will share their stories.

Ignore one-sentence reviews and seek out those from people who have relevant experience and complete thoughts with details to share.

Remember, there will always be a few superfans and a handful of impossible-to-please people regardless.

4 – Weight Limits & Bike Weight

Most premade mountain bikes have a weight limit. If it’s not listed, you can contact the company and ask.

Doing this is a great way to see how good their customer service is. However, most MTBs can carry up to three hundred pounds easily.

Finding the weight of the bike isn’t always easy. Companies actively avoid listing a single weight on most bicycles because they come in multiple sizes and different features.

Fortunately, Amazon almost always has a package weight listed. Although this includes the box and any included materials, one of the advantages of buying from Amazon is that you can at least get a rough idea of how much your bike will weigh.

This is especially important for transporting it in rooftop racks because of the weight, plus a heavier bike will use more energy to pedal.

5 – Why Buy A Women’s MTB

Buying a gendered bicycle may seem old-fashioned and even sexist, but this isn’t about making room for a riding skirt.

A women’s’ mountain bike has a slightly different frame style that more appropriately accommodates the way women sit.

Since men and women have different centers of gravity, this slight adjustment can make your ride safer and easier.

6 – Full Suspension vs Hardtail

Full suspension mountain bikes give you more shock absorption and help you maintain control over rough terrain.

However, as Diamondback points out, a hardtail has a lot of advantages. “If you don’t learn how to float your bike over roots and rocks, a hardtail will either bounce you off the trail or rattle your teeth out. … Also, due to the lack of rear suspension, bunnyhops are quicker, it’s easier to pick up the front wheel, and the bike is generally lighter and nimbler.”

Whichever you choose, I recommend trying both styles. After all, it’s hard to know what works best for you unless you try it out.

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