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Best Bike For Pulling Child Trailer: (Top 5)

Best Bike For Pulling Child Trailer

A high-quality bike trailer for kids can offer sun protection, seatbelts, and other safety features. Additionally, an attached child seat isn’t ideal because kids shift their weight unexpectedly, but with a tow-behind trailer, you bypass that problem.

Bike trailers are brilliant for on-the-go parents who want to stay safer and still ride with kids. What is the best bike for pulling a child trailer?

The best bike for pulling a child trailer is the Trinx TEMPO 1.0 700C Road Bike because it helps you use more power from your legs. This high-quality road bike is designed to transfer more energy to the wheels while decreasing your aerodynamic profile. You get more out of every pedal rotation by cutting fatigue and friction.

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What Kind Of Bike Do I Need To Pull A Kids Trailer

The kind of bike you need to pull a kids trailer is a road bike with a padded comfort seat, preferably one without disc brakes.

Unfortunately, disc brakes are among the most popular for this type of bicycle. Luckily, if you have disc brakes, you may need an adapter for the trailer, but it’s still workable.

Choosing a road bike lets you transfer more power directly from your legs to the pedals, crank, chain, and wheels.

Since bike trailers add more weight than a child seat, the added energy efficiency is vital.

Additionally, a road bike is typically the most lightweight in any frame size because they are made for endurance riding and racing.

Overall, the road bike offers the best combination to tow a trailer behind you more efficiently and for longer distances without excess fatigue.

However, an excellent hybrid touring bicycle with some road bike qualities combined with more comfort and an upright riding position is a good secondary option.

Lastly, you can always opt for an electric bike with pedal assist. You won’t get the same workout, but it will get you and a trailer with one or two young children wherever you need to go.

Top 5 Best Bikes For Pulling Kid Trailers

Kids are precious cargo, so having the best bicycle to pull a trailer is essential.

It would be best to have a good power output ratio, so you don’t waste too much energy pedaling, but you also need a sturdy, durable frame style made for your local terrain.

Below I’ve collected the top 5 best bikes for pulling kid trailers so you can get out and go riding with your little one.

1 – Best Bike To Pull Baby Trailer – (Trinx TEMPO 1.0 700C Road Bike)

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When you need the best all-around bike to pull a baby trailer, I strongly recommend the Trinx Tempo 1.0 Road Bike from Amazon.

The big 700c tires help cover more ground with every rotation of your pedals, and the road bike style gives you the ability to put more energy into the wheels with less loss in the process.

Avoiding fatigue is especially important when you have your kids with you. No one wants to walk home pushing a bike with a child trailer, so you need a bike that helps you make the most out of every move.

The aerodynamic riding position of this road bike aids in offsetting the wider baby trailer behind you.

Better still, at just 25 pounds, the Tempo 1.0 is light enough not to weigh you down but sturdy and heavy enough to offer superb stability.

Try out this excellent Trinx for your kid trailer by clicking here.

2 – Best Women’s Bike For Pulling A Trailer – (Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike)

Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike
  • 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • High Tensile Steel Fork
  • 14 Speed Shimano Equipped Drivetrain
  • 32 Hole Double Wall 40mm Alloy Rims, 700c x 25mm Tires
  • Alloy Dual Pivot Brakes

The best women’s bike for pulling a trailer is the Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike.

A 14-speed Shimano drivetrain makes your ride smoother with effortless shifts. Meanwhile, the alloy dual pivot caliper brakes ensures you can slow and stop reliably without getting in the way of child trailer mounting.

Giordano works hard to design bikes for all skill levels, so it doesn’t matter if you just learned to ride or this is only the latest in a long series of road bikes you’ve ridden all your life.

You can also choose from two frame sizes to fit your needs.

Grab a Giordana Aversa while it’s in stock when you click here.

3 – Touring Bike For Pulling Kid Trailer – (Mongoose Men’s Elroy Touring Adventure Bike)

Mongoose Mens Elroy Touring Adventure Bike
  • Versatile adventure touring bike features capable adventure bike geometry, a sleek alloy frame and steel fork for the ultimate ride
  • 2x7 drivetrain with Shimano Tourney derailleurs, an integrated Micro shift shifters/brake lever combo and mechanical disc brakes keep the ride smooth
  • Integrated frame bag features a stylish embroidered patch and all the room you need for your riding essentials
  • Large front rack (with an integrated bottle opener!) can easily carry two panniers, while the rear rack mount offers even more carrying capability
  • Internal cable routing leaves room for 3 Distinct water bottle cage mounts (and 2 more on the fork) so you'll always stay hydrated when you ride

Mongoose is known for making great bikes, and the Men’s Elroy Touring Adventure Bike from Amazon is no exception.

This comfortable, easy-to-ride bike is made for cargo and comes with a frame bag for carrying small items.

Moreover, staying hydrated is vital for you and your children when you play outdoors. Thanks to the internal cable routing, you have space to choose three different water bottle cage mounts.

The included front-mounted rack is handy when you’re towing a little one behind, and you still need to carry other cargo like groceries.

You can even front-mount panniers. Plus, it’s easier to balance out the weight from the trailer behind you.

Have the Mongoose Elroy delivered to your door fast when you click here.

4 – Best Road Bike For Pulling Trailer – (Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike)

Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike
  • Double butted aluminum frame for strength, Threadless 1.125-inch frame
  • Durable Shimano shifters and derailers, 21 speeds for easier climbing
  • 7-speed freewheel, KMC chain
  • Sturdy steel handlebars, Urban comfort saddle reduces pressure points
  • Lightweight 27.2-pound bike makes commuting easier, Bike is shipped factory direct. Assembly and Tuning are Required. Pedal installation can be tricky, please follow included directions closely, Assembly Required.

If the Trinx isn’t your style, you should choose the Vilano R2 Commuter Road Bike from Amazon.

You get the same 21 speeds and smooth shifting, but the Vilano bike is darker and sleeker. You’ll love the thumb shifters for easy handling on varied terrain.

Vilano delivers factory direct, so you don’t need to worry about resellers.

Additionally, you’ll love how quick and easy it is to work with the 700c Doubled Walled CNC machined wheelset and quick-release skewers when you need to replace a tire.

To learn more about the Villano R2, click here.

5 – Best Electric Bike For Pulling Trailer – (ANCHEER Electric Commuter Bike)

ANCHEER Electric Commuter Bike
  • ✅POWERFUL ELECTRIC SYSTEM:With removable 48V/374Wh battery, you can pedal assist to 55 miles per charge using the low pedal assist level. 500w brushless geared motor (Peak 750W) provides reliable support and 20MPH top speed. providing more than enough to power your daily commute, a cruise on the mountain, or a meander along your favorite trail. You can easily handle most of the hillsides encountered.
  • ✅4 WORKING MODES: PAS Mode(Pedal Assist) : The motor will assist you with a moderate amount of power as you pedal the bike, kick in 1 of 5 levels pedal assist to meet your needs. Throttle Mode:You can switch LCD Display to 0 level, and then use the throttle to achieve up to 20MPH. Cruise Mode:When twisting and hold the throttle for 8s seconds, the gear signal flashes, it will enter the auto cruise state. Pure pedal Mode:Pedal the bike normally as you would any bike.
  • ✅MOUNTAIN BIKE CONFIGURATION: The LCD Display shows the gear position, speed and mileage in detail, making your riding more intelligent. The fork is made of high strength carbon steel and the frame is made from aluminum alloy. This makes the bike lightweight yet very sturdy. With the 21-speed transmission system, you can choose any speed according to your needs. The perfect front and rear disc brakes fully protect your safety. Aluminum Alloy double-walled rims are for greater durability.
  • ✅PX54 INTEGRATED WATERPROOF LINE &LOCKABLE SUSPENSION FORK: The integrated wiring is more convenient to replace the replacement accessories, which can lock the front fork design to achieve different front fork mode according to personal preference to adapt to different road conditions.
  • ✅EASY TO FINISH ASSEMBLY:ANCHEER Sunshine electric bike is 85% pre-assembled and you only need to finish the assembly of main parts. we also have the assembly video for you at the seven window picture on the product page. With one-year service for the electric motor, battery and other main replaceable parts, you've no worry about using it. There is an electronic user manual at the bottom of this page, you can preview it in advance, and ANCHEER Sunshine provides lifetime technical support.

The Ancheer Electric Commuter bike from Amazon is a fantastic bike for pulling your child’s bike trailer.

The 350w brushless geared motor had a 20 mph top speed. You can go up to 40 miles with the pedal-assist option.

Plus, the 374.4Wh battery is removable for easy charging and storage.

If you are looking to get around without the added effort of pedaling a whole trailer and child, this is the perfect way to accomplish your goals. More importantly, you and your kids will have fun.

Order an Ancheer Electric Commuter right here.

Best Bike For Pulling Child Trailer Buyers Guide

It’s normal to worry more about the bike you ride with your kids in tow. Fortunately, knowing what to look for can make the whole bike buying process much more straightforward.

I’ve collected a few simple tips for this buyers’ guide. Follow these suggestions to check the most important things before buying, so you always get the best bike for pulling a child trailer.

1 – Don’t Lighten Up Too Much

Road bikes are great for towing a child trailer. However, ultralight carbon fiber road bikes make a bad combo with your trailer.

A high-end road bike for racing can weigh as little as 2 pounds, but you trade stability for weight loss.

More weight, over 17.5 pounds, and a slightly less sleek riding position are benefits when you’re bringing passengers in an attached trailer.

The last thing you want is a wobbly too-light bike crashing and taking your kids along with it. Choose a comfort road bike rather than a serious racer.

2 – Brake Style

I recommend avoiding both of the most common brake types when pulling a child trailer.

Disc brakes come in hydraulic and mechanical styles, but they can get in the way of trailer mounting.

Meanwhile, the coaster brakes are super reliable for instant stopping power, but they don’t let you slow down much first.

Look into other options like rim brakes. According to Chain Reaction Cycles, “Rim brakes are widely in use on BMX, road and city bikes and are favored for their light weight and mechanical simplicity.”

3 – Compatibility Check

You always need to check the bike manual for trailer compatibility. There are adapters you can install if you have disc brakes or other issues that prevent you from installing your child trailer in the usual way.

However, you can sometimes find the information you need in the comment and question section. Many parents ask if bikes are kid trailer compatible every day.

Manuals and comment sections are also great places to find missing information that wasn’t in the listing.

For example, someone may have mentioned the style of brakes if it’s not explicitly included. Like Schwinn, most bicycle manufacturers have an online library of their owner’s manuals.

If you still can’t get an answer to your question, contact customer service for your bike. Doing this also tells you how promptly the company responds to a problem.

Helpful Tips To Know About The Best Bike For Pulling Child Trailer

Finding the best bike for pulling a child trailer isn’t rocket science. Unfortunately, many manufacturers forget to include compatibility information because a relatively small number of people tow child trailers behind them.

Here are more helpful tips to know about the best bike for pulling a child trailer.

  • Child trailers come in two and three-wheeled styles. The third, typically smaller wheel can help you make turns more easily.
  • Speaking of turning, you should practice without the kids before taking your trailer out on the street. It requires a lot more turn radius when you have a second vehicle attached.
  • You can also get special flags to help make you more noticeable when you’re towing kids. As Parker Flags points out, “Bike safety flags work well because they elevate above the bike, and their bright colors and dramatic movements draw attention.”

Final Thoughts

Towing your children behind your bike is a smart way to get around, and spend time together while developing healthy habits.

The best bikes for pulling a child trailer are generally road bikes with non-disc brakes like the Trinx Tempo 1.0 Road Bike.

However, a touring bike or even an ebike makes a good alternative, and both styles are compatible with kid trailers.

Avoid overly lightweight frames, and specialty styles like BMX made for sports and jumping.

Having the right bike can prevent fatigue and help you get the most out of every rotation of the crank arms so you can relax and have fun towing your kids.

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