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Best Bicycle V Brake Pads: (Top 3)

Best Bicycle V Brake Pads

V brakes are universal, sharing parts with all other standard size V brakes. That means you can easily change your brake pads even if you can’t find your favorite brand.

More importantly, the cartridge-style pads are easy to swap out when you wear them down and need a change. What are the best bicycle V brake pads?

The best bicycle V brake pads are the Shimano V-brake Pads With M70T4 because they can handle wet conditions. Moreover, Shimano is known for its high-quality parts, and these excellent V brake pads are low-wear on your rims which can save you money in the long run. These Shimano V-brake Pads are compatible with alloy rims and numerous break models.

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Are V Brakes On Bikes Good

V brakes are good on bikes, and out of the caliper styles, I always recommend V brakes over other types.

They have quite a few uses and benefits, so I’ve collected together a quick list of why V brakes make one of the best possible choices for your bicycle.

Here are 6 reasons to consider installing V brakes:

  • Power – V brakes are stronger than many sets of 160mm rotor discs.
  • Access – Unlike some brakes, you can put V brakes on a bike without them getting in the way of rear kickstands.
  • Damage Control – This style of brakes doesn’t put excessive strain on your spokes or hubs, which can distend them, which results in costly repairs.
  • Parts Sourcing – It’s simple and fast to get extra shoes and other parts for V brakes.
  • Repairs Fixing brakes can be incredibly difficult, especially on the fly. However, V brakes are one of the most straightforward and quick styles to repair.
  • Cost – Disc brakes tend to be much more expensive than V brakes.

Are All V-Brake Pads The Same

Not all V brake pads are the same. Typically, V brakes come in the highly convenient and easy-to-maintain cartridge style.

The cartridge makes it incredibly simple to change a worn brake pad any time you need reliable newer breaks because you can pull the old pad out and pop in a new one in its place.

You can get non-cartridge pads, but that’s the most significant difference between types of V brakes. Any other variations are relatively minor.

Bicycle Universe says, “Bike brake pads, on the whole, are universal; the main difference is the compound they are made of. Some have soft non-metallic compounds, whereas others feature hard metallic compounds. There are also some variations in size and diameter of the pads, but this doesn’t make much difference.”

How Long Do V Brake Pads Last

Your V brake pads will last anywhere from 500 to 1,250 miles. Low-quality materials don’t last as long, but all brake pads have a finite life because of how they work.

In this case, the pads press against a moving part, the rims. The pressure creates friction, which stops the bike by inhibiting the wheels, so they don’t turn.

However, that same friction wears on the surface of the brake pad. Like the chain and sprockets wear each other down, the brake pad and rims do the same, but brake pads are made of a much softer material.

It would take years or even decades and dozens of pairs of V brake pads for soft brake shoe material to wear away any significant material from your rims.

To see the process in action, you can flip your bike over and try to work the pedals and activate your brakes, or you can check out this video from Ivanhoe Cycles.

Michael takes you through the V brake system and shows you how it works and how to make adjustments.

Top 3 Best Bicycle V Brake Pads

Choosing the right brakes for your bike is no joke. It can save your life, prevent injuries, and save you money on repairs, but finding great brake pads isn’t always easy.

Since every bike, except some BMXs, needs brakes, there’s a lot of competition, and plenty of companies make bicycle V brakes and their replacement parts.

Fortunately, I’ve already compared hundreds of brakes to narrow down this simple list of the top three best V brake pads.

1 – Best V Brake Pads For Mountain Bike – (TEKTRO V Brake Pad Cartridge)

Tektro V Brake Pad Cartridge
  • For V brakes Black aluminum cartridge pad holder 72mm length High Performance rubber
  • Compound pad for durability and wet weather performance Angle adjustable curved washers
  • Replaceable pads
  • Country Of Origin : Taiwan

When it’s time to replace your mountain bike V brake pads, you need a trustworthy option.

I recommend the Tektro V Brake Pad Cartridge from Amazon. The textured rubber compound does an excellent job stopping your MTB no matter where you ride.

These 72mm pads have excellent rim contact, thanks to the added length. Plus, they are easy to install and adjust.

Get your Tektro V brake pads delivered to your door when you click right here.

2 – Best Shimano V Brake Pads – (Shimano V-brake Pads With M70T4)

Shimano V-brake Pads With M70T4
  • Low noise
  • Low rim wear
  • Good performance in wet conditions
  • For aluminium rims
  • Compatibility: BR-M760, BR-M750, BR-M739, BR-M737, BR-M600, BR-M580, BR-M570, BR-M530, BR-M510, BR-M432 etc.

All of Shimano’s parts are high-quality, but the best brake pads are these Shimano V-brake Pads With M70T4 from Amazon.

Not only are they known for being low wear on your alloy rims, but they are low noise as well, so they won’t shriek every time you need to slow down.

Moreover, these rear V brake pads are incredibly lightweight at just ‎0.18 pounds.

You will appreciate the fit. However, you will love these pads’ incredible, reliable stopping power.

To learn all about these excellent Shimano V brake pads, click here.

3 – Kool-Stop V Brake Pads – (Kool-Stop Dual Compound Mountain Pads)

Kool-Stop Dual Compound Mountain Pads
  • Country Of Origin : United States
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 1 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 1 Inches
  • The Package Width Of The Product Is 1 Inches

Kool-Stops are known for being outstanding V brake pads. I suggest you try these Kool-Stop Dual Compound Mountain Pads on your bike because they are easy to align and offer excellent stopping power.

Additionally, the two-color red and black brake pads are more stylish and eye-catching than most brake pads, which are plain black.

The pop of color helps remind you to check your brakes when you do weekly maintenance.

These Kool-Stops don’t squeak when installed in a more toe-in position. Best of all, Kool-Stop’s V brake pads meet or exceed C.P.S.C. and D.I.N standards.

Find out more about Kool-Stop V brake dual compound pads by clicking here.

Best Bicycle V Brake Pads Buyers Guide

Most cyclists aren’t experts on their bicycles or their parts. After all, that’s what bike shops, mechanics, and the internet are for.

You don’t need to know everything about every set of V brakes ever made to find suitable high-quality brake pads.

This Best Bicycle V Brake Pads Buyers Guide will tell you everything you need to know so you can shop for the parts you need with confidence.

1 – Thickness

There is more than one maker for V brake pads, and among those manufacturers, there are also different models and styles.

Although the variations are small, they can make a significant difference over time. The biggest change is in thickness.

A thicker V brake pad can be more effective. However, it can also make the pad fit poorly, creating excess wear on the rims.

That will wear the pads down too fast and can damage your bike rims, both of which cost money to repair or replace.

It’s better to shop around and find a V brake pad with the correct thickness for your bike.

2 – Brand

Since you are quite literally trusting your life to your brakes, having the best is essential. Well-known companies don’t get that way by accident.

Hard work, good products, and a reliable manufacturing process are what give a brand its status. Pick your brake pads from an established and trusted business.

3 – Noise

The pads on your bike stop it by squeezing the rims. Some textures and materials are more likely to cause a high-pitched noise as you stop.

While the sound isn’t an indication of how well the pads work, it can be incredibly loud and annoying.

Look for low-noise V brake pads, and remember to check the reviews to see if the particular model has any complaints.

4 – Rim Wear

The texture of brake pads and how they press against your rims can cause more or less rim wear.

I mentioned that it should take years to see any significant rim wear, which is mostly true.

Your braking habits, V brake pads, and the material of your rims can all change that. It will save you time and money if you seek out pads known for their low rim wear.

Helpful Tips To Know About The Best Bicycle V Brake Pads

Good V brake pads are essential to stopping your bicycle. If you cut corners on your brakes or ignore them when you do weekly maintenance, you can bend up in a dangerous situation.

Here are more helpful tips to know about the best bicycle V brake pads.

  • Because of varying weather and different rim compounds, the material, and style of V brake pads changes. Resultantly, you may need to swap out your pads during the rainy season or when you change your bike rims.
  • Cartridge brake pads have a metal shoe with a rubber insert. The rubber piece attaches via a grub screw that holds it in place.
  • Non-cartridge brake pads are simple rubber blocks. There’s a threaded metal post on one side, and on the other side, a textured braking surface creates friction to stop the rim from moving. This style is the least expensive.
  • If your V brake pads are adjusted right and not worn down, but they still don’t break the way you need them to, look at other brands or types and find a slightly thicker rubber pad. If you have too much pressure and get rim damage, try a thinner pad.

Final Thoughts

When searching for the best bicycle V brake pads, it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed with options.

Keep in mind that most of these pads are interchangeable, and the texture or material can affect how they work with various rims and weather conditions.

Additionally, the thickness of the pads varies between manufacturers and models, so you may need to shop around to find the right fit for your bike.

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