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Are Cruiser Bikes Good For Long Rides

Are Cruiser Bikes Good For Long Rides

Each type of bicycle is purpose-built to do a particular job like BMX for stunts and Cruisers, which are casual riding bikes. Casual, in this case, means that they do better on flat tails and level city streets than hilly terrain, and they’re not made for speed.

However, being slow doesn’t mean you can’t go the distance. Are cruiser bikes good for long rides?

Cruiser bikes offer a comfortable, smooth ride without strain when traveling for long distances along paved bike trails and around the city. The riding posture and shocks keep you comfortable so that you can stay in the saddle longer. Cruiser bikes are designed for traveling over level terrain and not for speed or hills.

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Are Cruiser Bikes Good For Long Distance

Narrowing down what makes a bicycle good for long-distance isn’t always easy. However, there are some traits any rider can appreciate.

For example, cruiser bikes are good for long-distance because they offer a nice smooth ride and no one enjoys feeling strained, especially after hours in the saddle.

There’s no question; if you want to get somewhere the fastest way possible, you need a road bike, but the downside is that you’ll feel every bump and pebble.

That’s why road bike enthusiasts wear unique clothing that includes a padded seat.

Meanwhile, if you opt for the slower cruiser, you get a wide saddle with shocks that help absorb those jolts without the need for special pants.

Additionally, cruiser bikes are uncomplicated and tend to have steel frames. It’s going to take longer to get your 40-pound cruiser anywhere, so it has to be ready for the trip.

You’ll find features like rear racks, panniers, and baskets typical on this bike style. You can bring a lot more than one bottle of water for your trip.

The ability to take gear means you can spend however long you like riding and even potentially camp overnight if you plan the correct route.

Beach cruisers have the added advantage of tackling sand better than most bikes.

Since dirt and grit in your chain is one of the leading causes of uneven wearing and damage, this is a significant bonus if you live on the coast, in the desert, or anywhere there’s a lot of sand around.

Check out this video from EZVid Wiki for more interesting facts about why you should ride a beach cruiser.

5 Reasons Why Cruiser Bikes Are Good For Long Rides

There is a significant difference between a bike made for endurance races and one that is good for long rides. Cruiser bikes are the latter.

A pleasant afternoon pedaling down a beach or trail is ideal for this style of bicycle, but it’s probably not winning any speed trials.

Below are the top 5 reasons why cruiser bikes are good for long rides:

1 – Comfortable Riding Position

Cruiser bikes have a wide seat and high handlebars, so you can sit upright and enjoy your ride.

This position is much easier on your back than the hunched forward aerodynamic posture adopted by road bike racers or the standing up, bent forward to hold the bars style of a BMX.

It’s much simpler to enjoy a long ride when it doesn’t make you learn to stand or sit in an unnatural position first.

2 – Seat With Shocks

Narrow hard seats are great for low-weight riding, especially if you tend to stand over the saddle a lot.

However, a broad, padded cruiser seat with shocks below is fantastic for a nice long leisurely ride.

Less jolting around on your sit-bones will leave you feeling more relaxed after an extended trip.

3 – Easy To Repair

Cruiser bikes tend to have only a single speed. Some come with three or seven spread options, but regardless, the fewer speeds, the less complex a bicycle is.

Besides fixing a flat tire, you’re not likely to run into any complex issues with a simplified bike.

More importantly, even if you do, they are easy and fast to repair, so you can keep going and enjoy your long rides without worrying about staying near local bike shops.

4 – Durable Frame

Cruisers have wider, heavier frames. These bikes are steel most of the time, though you can find aluminum and other options.

The rugged frame makes for a very durable bike, and that means you don’t need to stress too much about biking long distances.

Even if your cruiser gets a little dinged up by accident, it should survive the experience.

5 – Wide Tires (Stability)

Wide tires weigh a little more than sim road bike tires, but they have a lot of advantages. The width alone helps provide a more stable surface.

Stability lessens your chances of falling or sliding on a slippery patch, and this style of tire handles sand and small amounts of gravel reasonably well.

Additionally, the wider a tire, the greater the number of treads. Your treads help the bike grip the pavement, sand, or any other surface you ride on, offering you much-needed traction.

You can’t get that benefit from an ultrathin, nearly smooth road bike tire.

Finally, the wide tire can absorb more of the shock of impact. Because the weight is spread over a larger surface area, this tire feels smoother to ride on and leaves you feeling less bounced around and rattled at the end of your trip.

Plus, less shock means it’s safer to carry delicate cargo like a laptop over long distances because it won’t get as shaken up.

Helpful Tips To Know If Cruiser Bikes Are Good For Long Rides

Cruiser bikes are the best option for a long, leisurely, and smooth ride. You can stay in the saddle for hours in comfort because of the wider tires, shocks, and padded, oversized seat.

Moreover, this style of bike carries lots of gear, and it’s durable, so you can keep on going.

Here are more tips to know if cruiser bikes are good for long rides.

  • Cruisers aren’t just good for long rides; they are beginner-friendly and highly accessible. There’s a low learning curve for operating a cruiser bike as well, which makes them ideal for long rides regardless of skill level.
  • Bike Lock Wiki warns, “Cruiser bikes are not suitable for long-distance cyclists looking for a bike to take them on an intense ride.” That said, cruisers are often adapted into hybrid touring bikes because they’re suitable for slower distance riding.
  • The cruiser and beach cruiser styles of bicycles are easy to tune and adjust, making them the perfect bike for long distances. You can adapt on the fly with just a few essential tools.

Final Thoughts

A cruiser is a perfect bike for long distances if you aren’t interested in racing. A beach, trail, or city path with moderate to flat terrain is a great place to take a leisurely ride for hours.

You’re not going to make a hundred miles in four or five hours, but if you choose to go that far on a cruiser, you’ll arrive in comfort and be able to bring a lot more of your gear if you want or need it.

Some cruisers are even adapted into touring bikes for much longer trips.

The wide tires, durable frame, and upright seated position are more accessible for most riders whether you go around the block or bikepacking across Europe.

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